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Leslie Healey

Education Needs a Digital-Age Upgrade - - 17 views

  • What if, indeed. After studying the matter, Ms. Davidson concluded, “Online blogs directed at peers exhibit fewer typographical and factual errors, less plagiarism, and generally better, more elegant and persuasive prose than classroom assignments by the same writers.”
  • Ms. Davidson cites the elite Socratic system of questions and answers, the agrarian method of problem-solving and the apprenticeship program of imitating a master. It’s possible that any of these educational approaches
  • A classroom suited to today’s students should deemphasize solitary piecework. It should facilitate the kind of collaboration that helps individuals compensate for their blindnesses, instead of cultivating them. That classroom needs new ways of measuring progress, tailored to digital times — rather than to the industrial age or to some artsy utopia where everyone gets an Awesome for effort.
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  • students accountable on the Web
    Coherent, concise assessment of the reactionary nature of school, not "learning"
Leslie Healey

Video Games Are Ruled Protected Speech, Now What? - 2 views

    • Leslie Healey
      this is true! why gaming is legitimately a path fro educators to formulate learning strategies
    • Leslie Healey
      also--they ask why there are not more erudite games, just as there is "classic" literature--I think games are still a new art form. And aren't there are many fluff books as there are fluff or violent games
  • More important than that historic ruling is the reminder by a U.S. Supreme Court Justice that video games, like books, plays and movies, communicate ideas.
  • Reading Dante is unquestionably more cultured and intellectually edifying than playing Mortal Kombat," Scalia wrote. "But these cultural and intellectual differences are not constitutional."

    It raises the question, what video games live up to that legacy of great literary works? And why aren't there more of them?

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  • Now that this distraction is out of the way, lets see the creation of more games like Bioshock, like Shadow of the Colossus, like Flower, games that make you think, that explore new ideas, that shake up preconceived notions.
Frank in Mexico

Five Friday Finds - 11 views

    A creative message from a school principal to teachers about getting on with the 21st century: uses Glogster Edu
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