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Kick Start Tech Edu

When to Introduce Your Child to a Smartphone or Tablet . Articles . Children and Media ... - 5 views

    What are your thought?
Connie Dang

Photovisi - 8 views

This is an excellent way to start portfolios for children who are just entering school! Like you said, it does not take up much physical space and children won't be disappointed that their artwork ...

techeducators techhome

Ellie Brissette

Using Technology and Collaboration with Children - 5 views

For my technology assignment, I chose to experiment with some websites that deal with artwork, image, and storybook creation and editing. I really enjoyed this exploration and found a few really co...

techchildren techeducators techhome

started by Ellie Brissette on 04 Nov 09 no follow-up yet
Brooke Newton

photovisi - 2 views

    This is a website that allows teachers to create collages out of photographs. These collages can be used as wallpaper and can also be put on different objects such as mousepads and coffee mugs to be purchased from the website. This is a great way for teachers to be able to display photos of the students and even photos of the students' artwork.
Brooke Newton

Other Web 2.0 tools - TeacherTube - 8 views

I really like this website too. I think that videos are a great way to demonstrate different topics in a memorable way. I have always found videos to be useful to help me to understand different co...

techchildren techeducators techhome teachinglearningonline web2.0

Joseph Alvarado

Camtasia Studio, TechSmith's Screen Recording Software - 1 views

    Record onscreen activity. Edit it into a polished video. Share with the world. Camtasia Studio makes you look like a pro.
Jessi Williams

Adobe Buzzword - 1 views

    This is a collaborative document site that allows any number of collaborators to access their documents from any computer and will remind you of changes made. The website has many ofher useful features. You could use this tool in any number of ways. Students could use this site, but younger students would need some help and guidance.
mary corr

VoiceThread - 1 views

    This website is wonderful! It is a great way to have group discussions between teachers, as well as teachers and parents. A teacher can post a picture or video of something going on within the classroom to share with the student's parents and receive comments in five different ways! Five! If you join any group, you can post a comment by telephone, typing, computer microphone, webcam, or uploading an audio file. That's such a variety! That allows easier access for parents, as well as other teachers who want to be involved.
    After deeply evaluating this website, I found it more difficult to find specific documents that I would prefer to find. This could be difficult for a learner online.
Nikki Gibbs

Storybird - 13 views

Storybird is a really fun, interactive, and collaborative site. I know that I'm not the most creative person and have a hard time getting started with things coming up with a story line, so I love ...

techchildren techeducators techhome storybook creation creativity digitalstorytelling classroom storytelling collaborativedocumentcreation

Ellie Brissette

Art Junction - 2 views

    Art Junction serves as a way for students and teachers to further their artistic abilities through the activities, projects, and resources offered on the site. It also allows for students, teachers, or other professionals to not only share their art but also their experiences in creating it. It offers ways for communities to work together for a certain cause, such as thinking of creative ways to help the environment. The blog is also up to date, informative, and full of good ideas.
Kahlin-Ivie Hilliard

YouthLearn - 1 views

    This site provides teachers with lesson ideas that are technology based. Teachers will find this site useful because for each activity it provides an overview of the lesson, goals, and materials needed. The site also includes detailed instruction on how to implement the activity.I really enjoyed that the site was easy to navigate and provided a lot of in-depth ideas. I will definitely use this site in my future classroom.
Cate Heroman

Storybird: Collaborative storytelling for families and friends - 5 views

    Storybird is an online story creator. It is a place where people can easily create their own stories and collaborate with others if desired. You can also read stories created by other users. This site is very easy to navigate and purposefully created to be child friendly, but is also appropriate for adults.
    I really like Storybird as a website that offers story creation. Many websites that allow users to create a story are very complex and may take days and days of work. Storybird seems a bit more simplistic which would make it easier for young children to use. I think online story creating could be a great idea for teachers to incorporate into the classroom.
    I stumbled upon this free digital storytelling site and think it's pretty cool. It's a service that uses collaborative storytelling to connect children and families. Two or more people create a Storybird by writing their own text and inserting artwork from an extensive library. The final storybook can be shared privately or publicly with an online community.
Michelle Appelman and Google Video - 5 views

My Photo Album is a website that could be a wonderful resource for teachers. This website allows people to share photo and videos for free. Teachers could very easily use this as a way to form comm...

techeducators techhome

started by Michelle Appelman on 31 Oct 09 no follow-up yet
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