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Martin Burrett

How Much Is Left? The Limits of Earth's Resources - 3 views

    Superb interactive timeline about our natural resources and when they will run out.,+RE,+Citizenship,+Geography+&+Environmental
Beth Panitz

9/11 Timeline - Video - 26 views

    5 minute video summarizing the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on New York City.
Kevin Kaeser

Conflict History - 81 views

shared by Kevin Kaeser on 20 Oct 09 - Cached
    Conflicts mapped by timeline using Google Maps!
    infographic on location/history of wars
    Browse the timeline of war and conflict across the globe. Great for showing geographical connections to historical events
Michele Brown

TimeMaps - World History Atlas - 93 views

    Combination of maps, timelines and narratives.
Martin Burrett

ChronoZoom - 126 views

    A stunning project from Microsoft Research. See the 13.7 billion year history of the cosmos as an interactive and zooming timeline, including our modern times.
Derek Allison

American History Resource Center - 61 views

    USHistory resources: primary source documents, maps, timelines, images, and more .. really an amazing set of information to be used.
Mandy Schuldt

AE Basics 7: Timeline Basics 1 : Adobe After Effects basics Tutorial - 13 views

  • AE Basics - A Creative COW series for new users of Adobe After Effects. Lesson 7 Part 1: In the first part of this seventh tutorial, Andrew Devis starts to go through all the 'bells & whistles' or buttons in the timeline panel. Andrew shows how to find all the various buttons available and starts to explain what each one is and what it does.
Ryan Slavin

BBC History of the World Timeline - 37 views

    Excellent interactive timeline for History Education
Stacy Olson

Microfacts/Weaving History - Home - 8 views

    Timeline creation tool
Michael Sheehan

Learning Never Stops: Timelines - Learn, Collaborate, Discover History - 70 views

    Learn about history with this collaborative webpage.

Create Free Interactive Timelines - Stories Displayed on Maps | myHistro - 94 views

    Create Free Interactive Timelines - Stories displayed on maps using Google Earth
    crazy cool app that mixes timelines and maps creating an interactive story.
Margaret Moore-Taylor

Meograph: Four-dimensional storytelling - 139 views

    Meograph is a free, easy multimedia storytelling tool. Students can quickly combine videos, audio, pictures, text, maps, timelines, and links to create what the developers call "four-dimensional storytelling." No registration is required and an education version is available.  You have to play around with it to get the concept before introducing it to students.
Martin Burrett

Soundation Studio - Mix your own music tracks - 73 views

    Mix your own tracks by inserting beats and instruments into the timeline of this wonderful musical website.,+Sound+&+Podcasts
LaToya Morris

Breaking it Down for the Teacher - 32 views

    This youtube video is based on important facts thats teachers need to know about copyrighting and fairuse. It include hand drawn pictures and timelines!

Of Tweets, Timelines, and Chatroulette: The Public Profile of a Life Lived Online - 23 views

    How to make sense of students' online behaviors. Tweeting about voyeurism; playing on chatroulette. Cyberbullying? Or clueless?
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