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BalancEd Tech

TPaCK WebQuest - BalancEdTech - 4 views

    At several of our previous meetings we have used a "Prensky Scale" to examine lessons/projects. It's time to kick that up a notch with the TPaCK framework which helps educators label the knowledge a teacher needs to teach. Though the three knowledge bases of Technological Knowledge, Pedagogical Knowledge, and Content Knowledge are easy for teachers to grasp, the interplay of them is often subtle and distinctions can be hard to see at first. This WebQuest is designed to first familiarize you with the TPaCK framework, then to examine and discuss examples that combine the three bases to different degrees and success, and finally to help you define the areas of interplay in your own words.

Stages of PLN adoption | The Thinking Stick - 17 views

    • trisha_poole
      Learn by doing - immersion...
    • trisha_poole
      After the "honeymoon" period comes evaluation: how is the SNT working? How do you need it to work? Is it a productive addition to your workday? Or is it a burden? How do you feel when you receive information from the SNT?
    how one goes about starting a PLN, how do you monitor it, and how do you learn to shut it off
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