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Kathy Malsbenden

Free Technology for Teachers: 10 US History Google Earth Tours - 146 views

  • ten Google Earth tours. These tours include major themes and events in US History. The list includes the Revolutionary War, the path to the Civil War, WWII, the Vietnam War, the Civil Rights Movement, Lewis & Clark's expedition, the Indian Removal Act, Pre-Columbian North America, the national parks system, and the 20th Century power grid. All of the tours include multiple images and references. Some of the tours also have "tour questions" for students to answer.

Art Project, powered by Google - 123 views

  • Explore museums from around the world, discover and view hundreds of artworks at incredible zoom levels, and even create and share your own collection of masterpieces.
    Visit Art Museums virtually. Zoom in on the Art.
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    Take virtual tours of art museums all over the world.
    View virtual art galleries from around the world with this great Google resource.,+Craft+&+Design
    "Explore museums from around the world, discover and view hundreds of artworks at incredible zoom levels, and even create and share your own collection of masterpieces."
    Museums from around the world. Nice place to view art work from multiple locations quickly.
    The Art Project powered by Google features interior tours of seventeen world famous art museums. Select a museum from the list on the homepage & you can virtually tour it using the same interface style you experience in Google Maps Streetview. Inside the museum, just double click to zoom to a location. You can also open a floor plan overview & click on a room to navigate to that part of the museum. The best part of the Art Project powered by Google is the option to create your own artwork collection while visiting each museum. As you're touring a museum click on the "+" symbol on any work of art see it in greater detail, to add it to your collection, & to open background information about that work of art. To create a collection you must be signed into a Google account. This is a great way to start a story or writing prompt, or to explore history & cultures.
Martin Burrett

Giza 3D - Dassault Systèmes - 3 views

    A truly stunning 3D reconstruction and tour of the Giza pyramids, the Sphinx and other structures. Watch a guided tour around and inside the structures at various points in history. You can even view the site in full 3D. The site may take a little time to load.
Jennifer Carey

Panoramic, 3D Interactive Tour of the Hagia Sophia « Indiana Jen - 2 views

    A very cool 360° Tour of the rooms of the Hagia Sophia
Troy Cherry

St. Peter's Basilica - Rome, Italy - 16 views

  • History In the 1st century AD, the site of St. Peter's Basilica hosted the Circus of Nero and a cemetery. According to ancient tradition, St. Peter was martyred in the Circus and buried nearby. His simple grave was remembered and visited by the faithful, and in 324, Emperor Constantine began construction on a great basilica over the tomb. The shrine of St. Peter is still the central focus of the church today. Skip the Lines! Book a top-rated guided tour of St. Peter's, the Sistine Chapel and the Vatican Museums before you leave home. Learn more In the mid-15th century it was decided that the old basilica should be rebuilt. Pope Nicholas V asked architect Bernardo Rossellino to start adding to the old church. This was abandoned after a short while, but in the late 15th century Pope Sixtus IV had the Sistine Chapel started nearby. Construction on the current building began under Pope Julius II in 1506 and was completed in 1615 under Pope Paul V. Donato Bramante was to be the first chief architect. Many famous artists worked on the "Fabbrica di San Pietro" (as the complex of building operations were officially called). Michelangelo, who served as main architect for a while, designed the dome, and Bernini designed the great St. Peter's Square.
    • Troy Cherry
      St Peter's in Rome. I love the good stuff
Mary Blow

Explore the Ruins of the Parthenon - An Interactive 360° View - 62 views

    3-D tour of the Parthenon--VERY cool.
Kathy Malsbenden

Springnote | Tour - 68 views

  • Create Springnote is a great way for you to create notebooks for ideas, interests, multimedia, projects, and documents
    Create Springnote is a great way for you to create notebooks for ideas, interests, multimedia, projects, and documents
Kimberly LaPrairie

YOUniversityTV: Tutorial - 0 views

    Video tours of college campuses aren't a new phenomenon; many universities have provided video tours and information about their campuses to prospective students for years. But Boynton Beach, Fla., startup YOUniversity LLC is hoping to draw users to its sites by offering prospective college students an unbiased, third-party source of information about hundreds of schools in an interactive, social environment. "Most of our employees are recent grads, who are best able to share their campus experiences with others getting ready to go to college," said co-founder Ron Reis, who launched the company in January 2008. The 17-person staff has three full-time camera crews that travel around the country, shooting high-definition footage of college campuses and the surrounding area. They've already taped more than 400 top schools throughout the country and have interviewed administrators, faculty, and students about their campus experience. "They've done a really good job, and they seem to have found a niche market that people really need," said Gordon Chavis, associate vice president for undergraduate admissions at the University of Central Florida
Carol Mortensen

Web Site Virtual Tour - 107 views

    School District website virtual tour! Fantastic idea!
Deborah Baillesderr

Whitehouse Grounds View | The White House - 36 views

    Virtual Field Trip:  interactive tour of the White House
Glenn Hervieux - Google Tour-Builder: Getting Started - 28 views

    Nice illustrated step by step instructions on how to create a Google Tour by Michael Guhlin (TCEA).
Glenn Hervieux

Control Alt Achieve: Google Tour Builder for any Subject - 50 views

    Recorded webinar on Google Tour Builder and examples/resources by Eric Curts
Michael Sheehan

Learning Never Stops: Explore Anne Frank's hiding place - 6 views

    A virtual tour of the secret annex where Anne Frank and her family hid from the Nazis.
Laurie Forsman

TED-Ed Website Tour - 63 views

    There is a growing collection of lessons on a variety of topics submitted by educators and then animated by professional animators. This is a 3-minute tour of the features.
Jennifer Carey

The Holy Sepulchre Virtual Tour  -  Jerusalem - 2 views

    Very cool virtual 360, 3D tour of the Holy Sepulchre
Holly Barlaam

Cell Tour Project - 92 views

    have students create organelles and turn the classroom into a giant cell that other classes can take a tour of
Tanya Hudson

ReCommunity Recycling | Education Station - 31 views

    Educational site with lesson plans and videos for K-12 students to teach them about waste and recycling. Also includes a very detailed interactive tour of a materials recovery facility (MRF), a glossary of recycling terms, and links to other sites.
Trevor Cunningham

Google Earth Design: Google Earth Tours in Education: 19 Best Practices - 88 views

    Fantastic instructional design resource for developing Google Earth Tours ("GETs") from accomplished academics in the field.
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