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    Explore Schoology's award-winning K-12 learning management system and accelerate student achievement with the platform that's so easy to use, it's second nature.
Brianna Crowley

Teaching like it's 2999: Schoology vs. Edmodo, Round 2 - 108 views

    Analysis of the different LMS systems from a teacher who has used both! Great detailed discussion.
Sharin Tebo

Enterprise Learning Management System | Free LMS | Schoology - 1 views

    • Sharin Tebo
      I want to know if people are using this and how it is different compared with Edmodo...
Derek D'Angelo

Award-winning LMS for teachers and school administrators | Schoology - 81 views

    Modern VLE?
    Learning Management System
Tonya Thomas

Alice in WonderTech: Why I Chose Schoology Over All the Rest - 54 views

  • Nevertheless, it looks like Blackboard has some competition here because in December of 2010, the Utah Education Network of 17 colleges chose Canvas to replace Blackboard, and they've continue to convert many other universities since then.)
    • Tonya Thomas
      University of Michigan (all three campuses) are making the switch as well.
  • I've been converted.  And I'll never look back.
Xiaojing Kou

Heutagogy Explained: Self-Determined Learning in Education | Schoology - 12 views

    "nd parallel with how people learn best outside of a school setting. The teacher serves more as a coach-a valuable resource to be tapped if necessary, but not the primary source of knowledge."
Daryl Bambic

Cloud for teachers? - 20 views

Wikis also work well. Students can have separate folders where they can submit their work. Google docs would probably be best. The student shares their document with you. This eliminates email ...

Roland Gesthuizen

Favorite quotes from Minnetonka's 1:1 iPad Institute « West Des Moines Commun... - 63 views

    "The district currently has 1,600 iPads deployed to all 9th and 10th graders at Minnetonka High School.  I'll have my notes from the visit posted in the next day or so, but for now, here's my favorite quotes from the visit…"
    Thanks for sharing insights on this large-scale roll out. Gives me further considerations about the next level of our 1:1 pilot programme. Love the shift in paradigm on printing - do you know whether they were using Edmodo for task submissions? Or does Schoology take care of the online exchange?
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