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Caitlin Hutchinson

Cloud for teachers? - 20 views

started by Caitlin Hutchinson on 02 Feb 12
  • Caitlin Hutchinson
    Hi Everyone,
    I'm still a bit new to this yet but am looking for the best way for students to hand things in electronically, me to edit them and hand them back electronically... something like dropbox but each student can have a folder and they can't edit others work... Any other suggestions besides dropbox for submitting work and keeping it organized?
  • Stacy Olson
    Have you tried something like Schoology or Edmodo?
  • Daryl Bambic
    Wikis also work well. Students can have separate folders where they can submit their work. Google docs would probably be best. The student shares their document with you. This eliminates email and both teacher and student have a copy of that document with all versions stored in its file history.

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