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Roland Gesthuizen

Unleash Kids Campaign - 0 views

    "Unsung Heroes of the One Laptop per Child movement, interviewed live! Unleash Kids enables global volunteers who liberate kids via direct exploration of their electronic/outdoor worlds."
Thieme Hennis

Uruguay's One Laptop Per Child program: Impact and numbers - The Next Web - 18 views

    Interesting how OLPC may have an important impact in a country's wellbeing and creative workforce. I do believe in such programs. 
Amy Roediger

Given Tablets but No Teachers, Ethiopian Children Teach Themselves | MIT Technology Review - 3 views

  • The idea of dropping off tablets outside of the context of schools is a new paradigm for OLPC.
  • iving computers directly to poor kids without any instruction is even more ambitious than OLPC’s earlier pushes. “
    A bold experiment by the One Laptop Per Child organization has shown "encouraging" results.
    A cool article!
Roland Gesthuizen

I want to give poor children computers and walk away - opinion - 14 December 2011 - New... - 6 views

  • A pre-pilot will start on 1 January 2012. Pre-pilot means that it will be small and there will be modest human intervention just to see children's reactions in order to better design the real, hands-off, dropping-out-of-the-sky format.
    Can tablet computers "parachuted" into remote areas transform childhood learning, asks Nicholas Negroponte .. One Laptop per Child (OLPC), even after giving out nearly 3 million laptops, is still criticised along the following lines: "Negroponte believes that you can give a child a laptop and walk away." Whether I ever believed that or not is now secondary. It became such a refrain that I finally asked myself about a year ago: "What if you could?"
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