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Deborah Baillesderr

Happy Numbers - NEW Online Math Resource - 62 views

    Grades K-2nd - " is an online resource that brings math to life through high-quality graphics and animation combined with clear, simple instructions and immediate feedback. Our interactive, individualized lessons use a scaffolded approach to reinforce all aspects of elementary-level numeracy and operations. HappyNumbers is compatible with most internet-enabled devices, such as IWBs, PCs, Macs, iPads, and Android tablets."
Martin Burrett

Number names - 46 views

    A simple maths game for younger learners where players match the number word to a spaceship with the number digit.
Mark Gleeson

Numberphile - Videos about Numbers and Stuff - 112 views

    I'm no slouch at maths, but this site has taught me lots. See videos of maths theories at the forefront of research presented in an understandable way.
Martin Burrett

Bead Numbers - 64 views

    A good flash resource to help your students learn place value. Put beads in the correct places.
Jim Tiffin Jr

Numberphile's Channel - YouTube - 14 views

    A channel dedicated to sharing wonderful, amazing, and sometimes surprising, characteristics of numbers. Perfect for using as a possible hook in math lessons, or as an FYI for the number-curious amongst us.
Martin Burrett

Digit-wize - Place Value - 118 views

    A simple game to practise place value in maths. Click on the correct number boxes to show a number's value.
Jac Londe

Truly random numbers - 41 views

  • At a quantum scale, the motion of electrons and protons is completely and genuinely random, since it doesn’t follow a clear path of cause and effect. You basically have no idea what’s going to happen. If you can measure this somehow, than you’ve got yourself an absolutely random value.
  • “If you want to defeat an adversary who is trying to hack into your system, basically you need large quantities of random numbers,”  Sussman said.
  • “…a truly random number generator will provide impenetrable encryption for communications — be they military transmissions, secure banking, or online purchasing — that underpin the modern connected world.”
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  • The researchers used pulses of laser light, which only last a trillionth of a second, that were directed through a diamond. The light comes and goes through the diamond, however when it exists it’s changed, since it has to pass through quantum vacuum fluctuations, the microscopic flickering of the amount of energy in a point in space. Scientists can measure these pulses of light that emerge from the experimental set-up, measurements which are the truly random.
  • random numbers
  • with quantum physics
Martin Burrett

Math is Fun - Maths Resources - 131 views

    A simple site with well written explanations, examples worksheets and games of maths topics from across the curriculum.
Martin Burrett

Mathopolis - Math Games - 175 views

    A superb place to find games and questions for the whole of the maths curriculum. Join for free to track progress or just play the games.
Martin Burrett

Math Worksheets - 99 views

    A superb site to find a vast collection of maths worksheets for the whole of the curriculum. Answer keys are supplied for easy marking.
Nobert Estrella

Number Gossip - 128 views


Nature by Numbers - 46 views

    Referencias a los fundamentos matemáticos y la base gráfica en la que Cristóbla Vila se apoyó para realizar su magnífico trabajo Nature by numbers. Un excelente ejemplo de integración sensorial de las matemáticas en el mundo real
    Thanks! This is a spectacular video showing mathematics in nature. Amazing!
Jeff Ferrell

What's Special About This Number? - 114 views

    A mathematical fact about each number from 0 through 9999!
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