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Matt Renwick

How our photo obsession is threatening our memories - Quartz - 35 views

  • when the students took photos, they remembered fewer objects overall
  • when we count on external devices such as a computer, we actually remember less
  • The key to remembering more is revisiting and sharing our photos.
Jac Londe

How the brain makes memories: Rhythmically! - 7 views

  • How the brain makes memories: Rhythmically!
  • "Our work suggests that some problems with learning and memory are caused by synapses not being tuned to the right frequency."
  • "To our surprise, we found that beyond the optimal frequency, synaptic strengthening actually declined as the frequencies got higher."
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  • Their research also showed that once a synapse learns, its optimal frequency changes. In other words, if the optimal frequency for a naïve synapse -- one that has not learned anything yet -- was, say, 30 spikes per second, after learning, that very same synapse would learn optimally at a lower frequency, say 24 spikes per second. Thus, learning itself changes the optimal frequency for a synapse.
  • the findings raise the possibility that drugs could be developed to "retune" the brain rhythms of people with learning or memory disorders, or that many more of us could become Einstein or Mozart if the optimal brain rhythm was delivered to each synapse.
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