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Justin Eames

How to Run Your Favorite Programs at Work Without Admin Access | Webmaster Tips - 9 views

    Running a small version of Linux on a Windows XP system.  Great experience for students to see other operating systems.  
carmin karasic

Installing BuddyPress ScholarPress courseware 404/Permalinks problem - 0 views

    • carmin karasic
      Start with "a fresh BP 1.2.8 install on a fresh WP 3.1. Changed theme to bp default, changed permalink settings, made sure .htaccess contained rewrite rules as generated by BP. mod_rewrite was definitely activated.
  • This entry in httpd.conf helped: ~~ <Directory "/your/path/to/root_dir/of/bp"> Options FollowSymLinks AllowOverride FileInfo Options Allow from all </Directory> ~~ Change the root dir of bp accordingly. After that all the links on tabs, registration etc. worked fine.
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