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Glenn Hervieux

Use Google Chrome as a Free Voice Recognition Software with Dictation - 134 views

    "Meet Dictation v2.0, a web-based speech recognition app that will transcribe your voice into digital text using the Chrome Speech API. You can also install Dictation as a Chrome App." I tried it and it works pretty well. No special software is needed, so it will run fine on a Chromebook.
Doug Henry

Chrome 11 Has Speech Recognition - 101 views

    The latest Chrome browser has microphone input and speech recognition built into HTML 5 - to use, install Chrome, plug in your mic - go to the Sitepoint page - it worked for me!
Martin Burrett

Online Dictation - Online Speech Recognition - 84 views

    An easy to use online dictation tool. Just speak and this site types the words for you. Requires Chrome.
Martin Burrett

TalkTyper - 111 views

    A useful site that allows users to dictate and generate text. A great resource for children with writing difficulties to get their ideas written quickly. It works with a range of languages including English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese and more. For mistakes, the site offers alternative words with similar pronunciation. Only works with Chrome.
paul tomizawa

Record Your Voice to Help Free Speech... Recognition - - 58 views

shared by paul tomizawa on 19 Jul 12 - No Cached
  • Recording Prompts  For each prompt line, please record your speech as follows: click the Record button, pause for half a second, Read the corresponding prompt sentence, pause for half a second, and then click the the Stop button. If you make a mistake, click Record again to re-record your prompt. Please do not read the punctuation marks out loud. Once you have completed recording all ten prompts the Upload button will activate.  Click the Upload button to upload your entire submission to the VoxForge repository as a single zip file. Repeat the process (multiple submissions are encouraged!)  
Jim Aird

Feds Call on Universities for Ideas for 'Experimental Sites,' New Learning Technologies... - 32 views

  • Education, particularly K-12 education, remains relatively untouched by advances in our understanding of how people learn, how to design instruction that incorporates those insights, and the explosion in information technologies such as low-cost smartphones and tablets, cloud computing, broadband networks, speech recognition and speech synthesis, predictive analytics, data mining, machine learning, intelligent tutors, simulations, games, computer-[supported] collaborative work, and many other technologies.
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