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TuvaLabs | Browse Activities, Lessons, or Projects Around Your Curriculum Topics - 29 views

    Browse activities, lessons, investigations, and projects around your curriculum topics.

plotly - 95 views

    "Plotly is a collaborative data analysis and graphing tool."
Amy Roediger

Debategraph - 10 views

    DebateGraph is an award-winning, cloud-based service that offers individuals and communities a powerful way to learn about and deliberate and decide on complex issues. It does so by enabling communities of any size to externalize, visualize, question, and evaluate all of the considerations that any member thinks may be relevant to the topic at hand - and by facilitating intelligent, constructive dialogue within the community around those issues. Moreover, each public map contributes to, and forms part of an accumulating graph of structured understanding across a growing range of topics, which, as the topics intersect, accelerates and enriches each community's understanding of the topics each is addressing.
Brianna Crowley

Create A Graph - 10 views

    For students creating presentation or visual data. Helps reinforce digital literacy and apply high-order thinking by creating the visual data rather than merely evaluating it. 
ivan alba

Create infographics | - 195 views

    A superb site which allows you to make interactive charts to embed on to your site or share. There will also be an interactive infographic function available soon.
    Web-based, free infographic creation site.
Bonnie Breeden

Printable Paper - 153 views

shared by Bonnie Breeden on 28 Dec 11 - Cached
    Find over 800 different types of paper to print, including square and graph paper for maths, music manuscript paper and lots more. Not the most exciting site, but very useful.
    With PrintablePaper, you never have to worry about running out of "special" paper. As long as you have a printer, you can print graph paper, lined paper, and even Cornell paper. Download 400+ different papers, all for free. A must for all students.
Martin Burrett

Graphing Calculator - 121 views

    A well made, relatively easy to use flash graphic calculator tool.
    This is awesome! I love the fact that you can graph in color! This is also very user friendly
Martin Burrett

Create A Graph - 85 views

    This is a great tool for creating charts and graphs with lots of options to get your data looking just right. But this also makes it complicated for younger users.
Tom Johnson

15 Crazy Useful JavaScript Solutions for Charts and Graphs | Design Reviver - 59 views

    15 Crazy Useful JavaScript Solutions for Charts and Graphs Graphs and charts are a great way to break down the information at hand to the user in a descriptive and visually enticing manner. These visual structures allow you to easily simplify complex data and output easier to understand content. Everyone can use a graph or chart, however, not everyone has the right tools to create an effective one. Below we've compiled the best JavaScript graphs and chart solutions. We chose to put a list of JavaScript graphs because of their flexibility and functionality.
Trevor Cunningham

Triptico - 74 views

    Tons of great interactives and generators here... well-suited for the interactive whiteboard
    Triptico apps and games for learing and education
    Fantastic set of computer-based language resources...the word magnets tool alone is worth the 30-seconds it takes to download and install! Spice up your SMARTBoard interactions as well.
Janna Sells

Create A Graph - 83 views

Barbara Moose

PDF Pad - 2 views

    PDF Pad offers a diverse collection of free printer-ready documents needed for work, school and play.
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