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Roland Gesthuizen

Ten tips for BYOD | EDtalks - 82 views

    "Claire Amos, Director of elearning at Epsom Girls Grammar, outlines ten tips for encouraging students to take the lead in a bring your own device approach"
Sean Tm

10 Reasons To Consider BYOD In Education - 8 views

    10 Reasons To Consider BYOD In Education
Roland Gesthuizen

Challenging the Model of 1:1 with BYOD | Edutopia - 87 views

    • Roland Gesthuizen
      Interesting reading how this school implemented a hybrid BYOD 1:1 program. The emphasis is on a collaborative, co-teaching model rather than slabs of professional development around particular applications.
    This year my school district in Vermont ventured into a sort-of BYOD/1:1 hybrid program. We realized the importance of allowing our students access to technology to enhance their learning, but the infrastructure wasn't in place to tackle a traditional BYOD. .. Instead, we chose to be creative with our technology and professional development.
BalancEd Tech

Thinking about BYOD » Derek's Blog - 2 views

    BYOD Matrix
Steve Ransom

Bring Your Own Device: A Guide for Schools - 5 views

    This guide examines the use of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) models in schools. It looks at the potential opportunities and benefits, as well as the considerations, risks and implications that arise when schools allow students and staff to use personally owned devices in the classroom and school environments. Strategies, tips and techniques are included to address the considerations and manage the risks.
Deborah Baillesderr

infuselearning - 95 views

    This site offers an interactive way to assess your class by connecting your students to your lessons and response to every question on a range of devices, including mobiles. Make a virtual room and set up assessment quizzes, share links instantly and even get students to draw a response to your questions in real time. The data is collated so you can see where your students need more input.
Donal O' Mahony

My last post reviewed…(BYOD/T)…. | eLearning Island - 3 views

    I was somewhat taken aback by the interest in my last blog posting entitled "The first ever BYOD (not BYOT) class I taught…" I have now analyzed it against a piece by Earnie Kramer called "Thinking about embracing Bring Your Own Device in your school?"
Roland Gesthuizen

BYOD in the 21st Century - YouTube - 80 views

    "Wondering what BYOD means or if your school is ready for it? In this 8-minute Pedagogical Quickie, I present some of the many advantages and limitations of this concept for education."
Benjamin Light

Oak Hills Portfolio » 2. BYOD: Develop a Team - 12 views

  • $500.00 stipend to each eLc each year
  • Their responsibilities include learning new technologies (often at a deep level), assisting staff with technology needs, and developing additional eLearning opportunities.
Benjamin Light

Oak Hills Portfolio » 1. BYOD: Community Engagement - 26 views

  • Create and nurture a culture where technology-embedded instruction is an integral part of the everyday learning in ALL classrooms. Explore the appropriate role and use of personal technology devices in and out of the school environment.
Roland Gesthuizen

10 Real-World BYOD Classrooms (And Whether It's Worked Or Not) | Edudemic - 6 views

    "stories of schools that have tried out BYOD programs seem to be largely positive, allowing educators and students to embrace technology in learning regardless of the limited resources they may have at hand"
Paul Hieronymus

Schools and Students Clash Over Use of Technology | MindShift - 5 views

  • Students want more control over how they use technology in school, but many classrooms are still making it difficult.
  • A whopping 45 percent of middle-schoolers and 55 percent of high-schoolers say that they mainly access the Internet through mobile devices.
  • And access to tablets doubled between 2010 and 2011 – up to 26 percent for middle-schoolers and 21percent of high-schoolers.
  • ...2 more annotations...
  • esistance from administrators, 52 percent of whom said they don’t allow students to use any personal mobile device in class, at least partially because a blended learning model represents a shift in the relationship between teacher and student.
  • When parents were asked what most concerns them about their children’s future almost three-quarters said they worry that their children won’t “get the right skills” to succeed in the future.
    Some great points here!
Randy Rodgers

BYOT/BYOD Pearltree - 61 views

    Pearltree I am putting together with resources covering variety of BYOD-related topics, including issues, implementation, classroom strategies, more.
BalancEd Tech

BalancEdTech - Bring Your Own Device - 3 views

    Affordances and Constraints Related Resources
Bochi 23

Tablets or Laptops? Ask the Right Questions... - 125 views

    Do you buy laptops or tablets? That's the wrong question... so, what's the right question?
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