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Jeff Crews

Discovery Education streaming - Atlas Interactive Map - 106 views

    Interactive Atlas of the World
Glenda Baker

Discovery Atlas Videos : Brazil, India, Atlas : Discovery Channel - 62 views

    from the Discovery Channel people - video podcasts from their full tv series.
Holly Barlaam

Atlas of the Human Body - 126 views

    Never before seen pics of atlas of the human body...realllllly cool pics with accompanying information. Great for biology, anatomy & physiology, etc.
rmollap Rafa

Introducción a los tejidos animales. Atlas de Histología Vegetal y Animal - 1 views

    Molt bo, amb marques en els dibuixos
Roland O'Daniel

Dynamic Maps - 84 views

  •™ contains a remarkable range of products and services to meet the diverse needs of people who are looking for maps and geographic information about America. Dynamic maps are innovative illustrations of geographic phenomena. We combine the science of mapping with today's multimedia to offer maps that are useful, understandable, and that stimulate interactivity.
ZeroDivide .

Nova Fabric of the cosmos The illusion of time full video - YouTube - 48 views

  • The Evolution of Time and the Carnot Cycle at the Edge of the Universe
    We are all time travelers... drifting through time at a steady pace, one moment at a time. In what direction are we moving through time? Or does time move through us? How many dimensions of time are there? Though slightly allegorical, three-dimensional time offers physics new parameters, accounting for conventional and exotic physical phenomena, while maintaining the conservation of energy and symmetry groups found in physical law.  I began playing with the idea that all of physics could be reduced to just interactions between spatial and temporal coordinates. I wondered if inertia and momentum might be composed strictly of temporal components. This would require extra time dimensions. Could inertia or momentum be used as indicators of multi-dimensional time? What about charge, spin, and other properties of matter? Answers to some of these questions appeared to reside in neutrino research, specifically neutrino flavor oscillation.  The universality between Thermodynamics and Temporal Mechanics can reduce the fundamental forces of nature into a single expression, a new equivalence principle, which can be used as the generator for the evolution of time. Once Quantum Mechanics is seen through the lens of three-dimensional time, the EPR paradox looses its mystique. The speed of light may be restricted to a set speed limit within each individual frame of reference, however, frames of reference can undergo periods-of-time at varying rates of the passage-of-time. If the positive side of absolute zero is a state of condensed matter, what is on the negative side of absolute zero? Uncondensed matter?  The anti-matter aspect of the Dirac equations may have been misinterpreted. The convention is to assume that "matter" is composed of "particles" distinctly different from "antimatter" composed of "antiparticles". The assumption of one time dimension locks in this interpretation of the Dirac Equations. However, the uniform production of particles and antipa
Jennifer Armstrong

Atlas of World History - 60 views

    Africa Asia and Europe to the year 1000 with interactive maps and map animation.
jault_kghs - 24 views

    Uses an ActiveX control and requires Internet Explorer.
Roland Gesthuizen

You got an what? | iPad Atlas - CNET Reviews - 3 views

    • Roland Gesthuizen
      Get to play with this feature. Has saved my skin on many occasions.
    "So, congratulations! Perhaps you're the owner of a new iPad this holiday season. If so, you've come to the right place. Apple's tablet is incredibly easy to use, but there are still plenty of ways to set up and optimize your iPad to take advantage of everything it has to offer. Some of these suggestions may be obvious; others might not."
eeeeeks !!!

MapMaker Page Maps - National Geographic Education - 132 views

    Awesome interactive geography mapping tool
    What a valuable site! Thank you.
Michele Brown

TimeMaps - World History Atlas - 93 views

    Combination of maps, timelines and narratives.
Anne McCormack

Animated Atlas of African History - 73 views

    Enter a year on bottom right or just click the play button. Color coding shows the boundaries of countries as they change through time-1879-2002. From Brown University.
Holly Barlaam

The Whole Brain Atlas - 2 views

    Collection of images of the brain. Includes normal brain anatomy, stroke, tumor, degenerative diseases, inflammatory diseases.
Martin Burrett

Atlas of World History - 83 views

    A map and timeline of civisations of the old world. See when they appear and information about them.
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