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Movie Clips at - 84 views

    Library of movie clips tagged by theme and topic.
Lainie Rowell

iMovie Movie Trailers across the content areas - DEN Blog Network - 101 views

    • Lainie Rowell
      I worked with a teacher who did something similar. So helpful to maximize instructional time. 
    Great planning materials. Love the storyboard!
Carmen Muñoz

Fun and creative ways for students to make online video projects - 123 views

    It is interesting to work with students to make a film in our classroom. Eduhowto Over begun to transform the class into a project-based classroom. This constructivist approach incorporates technology into the classroom.
Todd Hollett

Zu3D - Stop motion animation software (for children) | Animation Software | Stop Frame ... - 70 views

  • is good too. is a shortcut, if you want to use it. Built-in tutorials are very well done.
Enid Baines

Louis Zamperini's epic life may finally get its Hollywood movie - Press-Telegram - 16 views

    Loved "Unbroken." Hard to put down. Glad to see it headed for the big screen w/Angelina Jolie as director.
Enid Baines

'Big Sur' Movie Trailer: Kerouac Returns To Theaters In 2013 - 30 views

    Also a review of "On the Road."
Siri Anderson

film | story - Home - 87 views

    Explore world history through movies using this useful guide. Search by country or time period.
    This new repository for information holds great promise for teachers going forward. They are in the process of adding essays reviewing the context and themes in the films they've listed. A tool worth bookmarking.
Martin Burrett

BFI | Education - 60 views

    The education section of the British Film Institute is a treasure trove of film clips, information and ideas.
Martin Burrett

FILMCLUB - 72 views

    The home page of Film Club, an organisation which helps schools setup after school film clubs.
Carol Mortensen

Endorphin 2.7 - 104 views

    Endorphin is NaturalMotion's animation tool for creating virtual stuntmen for movies and films. Using Adaptive Behaviours instead of canned animations, Endorphin's 3D characters essentially animate themselves. Move two Football players close to each other and one will automatically tackle the other one, realistically trying to grab hold of his legs and bringing him down .
Jennifer Garcia

a-better-world - home - 49 views

    Our 6th grade collaborative project with a focus on global issues. We are looking for schools to join us with the hopes of working on some collaborative lyrics in Google Docs, remixing audio tracks shared between schools and possibly a skype session. We are running the project 5 times this year for 6 weeks at a time. Email me if you are interested i taking part at one point.
Amy Burns

WeVideo - Collaborative Online Video Editor in the Cloud - 114 views

    This is a superb collaborative video editing suite. You and your class can invite each other as collaborators. It has a great range of tools and toys to make some great movies. Host your video on the site or export to YouTube or Vimeo.
    Offers a lite or VERY reasonably priced education account.
Josephine Dorado

Creaza - 139 views

    Creaza is a superb suite of tools including a audio and movie maker/editor, a cartoon maker, mindmapping and many others. A must have resource.
    suite of digital storytelling tools (cartoon creator, audio editor, video editor, mindmapper, etc).
Martin Burrett - The Online Teleprompter - 102 views

    Planning a speech? Use this online autocue with your class when making movies or as part of a reading exercise.
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