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ESA - Space Science - ESA makes the Sun available to everyone - 43 views

  • Just download the viewer and begin exploring the Sun
  • JHelioviewer is new visualisation software that enables everyone to explore the Sun. Developed as part of the ESA/NASA Helioviewer Project, it provides a desktop program that enables users to call up images of the Sun from the past 15 years.
  • Using this new software, users can create their own movies of the Sun, colour the images as they wish, and image-process the movies in real time. They can export their finished movies in various formats, and track features on the Sun by compensating for solar rotation
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  • JHelioviewer is written in the Java programming language, hence the ‘J’ at the beginning of its name.
  • It is open-source software,
Martin Burrett

Sun & Moon Scope - 86 views

    A well designed science 3D simulation showing the position of the sun and moon from any position on the Earth in real time or at a certain time in the past or future. Also see the moon phase and sun rise and set times.
Carol Mortensen

Sol - Our Star - 3 views

    "Our Sun is a Very Special Star! Amongst only the top 10%! The Sun, officially called "Sol" (from the Latin: Sol), a yellow dwarf, G2 Start, is the star at the center of our Solar System. "
Martin Burrett

Sun|trek - 56 views

    A great science site with lots of information about the sun.
Gerald Carey

Build a Solar System Model | Exploratorium - 45 views

    Nice way to calculate how to build a model solar system. You put the measurements in for the size of the sun (in inches OR millimetres) and the rest (including sizes of planets and distances from the sun) is calculated for you.
Jac Londe

12/21/12: Definitely Not the End of the World | Wired Science | - 29 views

  • There is not a single iota of evidence that large-scale planetary alignments cause changes in geologic events – like earthquakes and eruptions – on Earth. The only celestial bodies that could play some role – and there is some evidence that suggest that they may, in minor ways – are the Sun and the Moon. This is due to their relative close proximity (especially the moon) and their mass. I’ve covered some of this in my discussion of why the so-called “Supermoons” are silly and play no role in increasing/decreasing geologic events. What about the alignment with the galactic center? The center of the galaxy must exert some force on the Earth (and solar system) or we wouldn’t be orbiting it. However, beyond that fact that alignments like this happen all the time, the force that the galactic center exerts on Earth is ~0.00006x that of the Moon on Earth and ~0.00000037x that of the Sun, doesn’t it seem a little ridiculous to claim that the galactic center can change anything on Earth if the Sun and the Moon cause little-to-no effect on geologic events?
Betty Powell, Earth, and Moon in Motion - 0 views

    Explains the rotation of the earth around the sun and moon around the earth.
Martin Burrett

Hold Ye Front Page - 45 views

    This is a fun set of headlines and stories from the UK Sun newspaper covering the big events since the dawn of time.
michael ruff

Solar System Exploration: Planets - 164 views

  • Our galaxy - the Milky Way - is a spiral galaxy with arms extending from the center like a pinwheel. Our solar system is in the Orion arm of the Milky Way. Our Sun is one of about 100 billion stars in the Milky Way. And our galaxy is just one of roughly 100 billion in the visible universe.
  • 1Our galaxy - the Milky Way - is a spiral galaxy with arms extending from the center like a pinwheel. Our solar system is in the Orion arm of the Milky Way. Our Sun is one of about 100 billion stars in the Milky Way. And our galaxy is just one of roughly 100 billion in the visible universe.
    Great Image of the Soar System!
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    Great site!
    I have actually used this site in teaching the Solar System, and based a fourth grade Unit around it.
    Great SIte

A MOOC Star Defects, at Least for Now - Technology - The Chronicle of Higher Education - 27 views

    William E. Kirwan, Maryland's chancellor, told The Sun, in Baltimore, that "there are two things we're seeking: new strategies that will improve learning outcomes, and lower costs." "We can't have one without the other," he said.
Kelly Boushell

3D Solar System Simulation - 133 views

    Students are able to explore our solar system in real-time 3D. Examining the sun, planets, asteroids, Kuiper belt, and Oort cloud. You can change your views of the solar system by using your mouse, shows rotation and revolution of the planets
Holly Barlaam

Science Printables from Canon - 162 views

    Free print materials from Canon. Templates for printing and creating cool paper models of earthquakes, dinosaurs, the sun, and more!
Jeff Hudson

Planets - 71 views

    Wow. See planet orbits from earth view or sun view. Fantastic
    It's scary to see how close some of the planets come to earth! Great post.
Frank Noschese

Sun Badges and Beyond | LASD and Khan Academy Pilot - 5 views

    LASD students using Khan Academy are ignoring exercises and videos, focusing on earning KA badges instead: #nosurprise
Martin Burrett

The danger of colour stereotypes by @BoltCallum - 5 views

    "Colours promote such emotion and are attributed to everything we see every day. Children are taught from a very young age that the sky and the ocean are blue, the grass and leaves are green, that the sun, sand and sunflowers are yellow and the night is black. But I ask you, how often have you looked at the ocean and seen green, not blue or looked up into the branches and seen a selection of oranges, yellows, browns and reds not a blanket of green. I am not suggesting that we shouldn't teach children these colour clichés, at a young age they are their first experiences of colour and form the bases of many of their first art pieces."

Every Lined Paper Under the Sun! | Paging Supermom - 117 views

    Website to get free lined paper that students can use in the classroom or even at home.
Enid Baines

Khaled Hosseini - By the Book - - 35 views

    Interesting remark about "The Catcher in the Rye"
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