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Google Duplex is Silicon Valley's latest experiment at the expense of the service indus... - 1 views

    Something else we need to consider when teaching digital citizenship.
Adrienne Kajewski

Digital literacy: what is it and how important is it in the future of work? | FYA - 4 views

  • FYA’s research shows that our young people aren’t ready. In recent international testing by PISA around 1 in 4 Australian 15 year-olds (27%) demonstrated low proficiency in digital literacy.
  • “We don’t need to limit ourselves to standalone classes on digital skills – we need to embed them in the way we teach young people, so that they can learn these alongside other enterprise skills that they’ll require to thrive in the future of work.
Adrienne Kajewski

A Critical Review of Frameworks for Digital Literacy: Beyond the Flashy, Flimsy and Fad... - 8 views

  • Therefore, the differing nomenclature makes the search for a commonly agreed definition or understanding of digital literacies even more elusive.
Julie Lindsay

Mobile phones in the classroom - what does the research say? - Teacher - 4 views

    n a recent Teacher article, two schools discussed their differing policies on mobile phone use during school hours. Here, we look at a range of studies that have explored the positives and negatives of allowing mobile phones to be used in class. As Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programs become more widespread, questions are being raised about the benefits of allowing students to actively use mobile phones as learning devices in school. Over the past decade, several studies have taken a closer look at student and educator perspectives on the issue.

10 Creative Ways to Use Google Keep Every Day - 2 views

    Creative uses of Google Keep for curation of content and creative workflow/productivity
Julie Lindsay

Smarter Image Searching - Five Ways - Using Technology Better - 5 views

    New to blogging and image use online? Read this short article to develop skills key to knowledge work online
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