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Used Laptop & Desktop Buying and Selling - 0 views

Computers and laptops are gaining a lot of acceptance among the people of all age groups. The availability of abundant facilities and their portability has resulted into the increase in their deman...

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Melissa Seifman

Acceptable Use Policy - 107 views

You may want to contact our SN@P department to get some background information on how it was done, problems that we had to work through, and other things Scot Byrd wrote: > Melissa, > Thank you s...

computers 1to1 computer use

shalani mujer

They Effectively Fixed My laptop - 2 views

I love to surf the internet using my laptop, then one day it just stopped running. I did not know what to do since the blue screen error did not disappear though I have tried rebooting my laptop. ...

PC technical support

started by shalani mujer on 10 Nov 11 no follow-up yet
Steve Ransom

News: Not Guilty ... and Not Long Employed - Inside Higher Ed - 10 views

  • Rybicki denied hurting the student's finger, as she alleged, but said that professors have every right to shut a laptop when a student violates class rules or is rude by surfing the Web rather than using a laptop to take notes.
    A Georgia jury has acquitted Frank J. Rybicki, assistant professor of mass media at Valdosta State University, of battery charges related to his shutting the laptop of a student in one of his classes in March.
Maggie Verster

Should laptops replace textbooks? A poll- go vote! - 9 views

    "The age of the textbook may be bowing out -- or it may not" So far laptops are winning.... Some interesting comments on the topic as well. Go vote!
salman shakeel

Latest Laptops of 2011 in the market - 0 views

    Latest Laptops of 2011 in the market
ashkif as

laptop service center in chennai -laptop service in chennai - 0 views

    Laptop service center in chennai,is leading ram infotech, We provide all brand lenova-hp-dell service in adyar,tambaram,omr,madipakkam,porur raminfotech.inTweet$(document).ready(function() {var media = $('img[src*=\'oc-content/uploads/\']').attr('src'); if(media==undefined) { media = ''; $('.pinterest').remove(); } else { media = '&media='+escape(media); };$('.pinterest').find('a').attr('href',''+escape(document.URL)+'&description='+escape(document.tit...
Kerry J

Internet access on NSW student laptops restricted to whitelist - Somebody Think Of The ... - 0 views

    The Digital Education Revolution not going so well.
Fabian Aguilar

Internet Evolution - Rob Salkowitz - Schoolkid Laptops: How Portugal's Doing It Right - 0 views

  • In June, Portugal completed the major phase of the largest deployment of laptops for education in the world to date, equipping nearly a million secondary school students throughout the entire country with high-performance computers and mobile Internet connectivity.
  • The government authorized the use of the 3G auction proceeds to subsidize the distribution of nearly a million laptops before the end of the decade. This pleased the telecom providers, because it amounted to a direct investment in market development: All those students and their families would become mobile broadband customers.
  • it instantly leapfrogged the country’s education system to the forefront of the global effort to integrate the Internet into the classroom, and it promised a quantum leap forward for the country’s next generation of citizens, workers, and leaders.
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  • With the subsidies, the end-cost to students’ families is only €50 to €150 for laptops that would otherwise sell for more than four times that amount. Qualified low-income families receive theirs for free. The Escola computers come with a one-year mobile broadband contract for €17 a month (discounted from the normal €23), and other plans are negotiable depending on the providers.
  • “It is most important to have scale,” says Grilo. “It can’t be just a pilot project confined to a small community. It must be everyone at once. That way, you have maximum cultural impact. Everyone feels part of the mainstream, not an anomaly or a test subject.”
  • Perhaps the most important lesson for countries seeking to emulate Portugal’s success is to design a policy that aligns the interests of all the major stakeholders: telecom providers, local OEMs, multinational partners, government ministries, local communities, schools, and the public.
Jonathan Wylie

Mac Laptops for Teachers: A Buyer's Guide for Educators - 0 views

    Are you a teacher looking for a new Macbook? Apple has three feature packed laptops in its Macbook range, but which one has the features and performance that you need for your classroom?
Steve Ransom

Portland high schools take byte out of laptop use at home | The Portland Press Herald /... - 15 views

  • She said she never wanted her children to have television in their bedrooms. But thanks to streaming sites like Hulu and YouTube, laptop computers also function as television sets.
    • Steve Ransom
      Well, don't let them take their wireless laptops into their bedrooms!!!
Steve Ransom

Desktop QR Code Reader | dansl - 16 views

    Free adobe air QR code reader that uses your laptop webcam.
Jeff Johnson

Moran students get a 21st century education ( - 0 views

    His dream is to have a laptop computer in the hands of every student. While he's not quite there yet, Paul Bogush has come very close using the resources at his disposal. For Bogush, the use of technology has become the backbone of instruction. The Moran Middle School teacher was awarded a spot at the Google Teacher Academy last month, but was already immersed in the Web's free portals to engage his eighth grade class and prepare students to communicate in a digital world.
Andrew Thomas

Competition: Free Samsung NC10 and Mobile Broadband dongle for Students - 0 views

    Students - Enter to win a Laptop and broadband dongle
binny sneh

Kids Toys Store India, Online Kids Store India, Send Toys for Kids, Gifts to India - 0 views

    Kids Toys Store India, Online Kids Store India, Send Toys for Kids, Gifts to India, Send Kids Toys to India, Buy Kids Toys Online like Kids Laptops, Kids Watches, Battery Operated Toys.
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