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Fatima Anwar

The Integrated Learning Platform: Cardiff Univeristy - Cardiff is everything a good uni... - 0 views

    Cardiff University is recognized in independent government tests as one of The British leading educating and analysis colleges. Established by Royal Charter in 1883, the University today brings together impressive modern facilities and a powerful approach to educating and analysis with its proud culture of service and accomplishment. Cardiff University is the biggest University of mature education and learning in Wales, with the Cardiff Center for Long term Studying offering several hundred programs in locations across Southern Eastern Wales. The University's lifelong learning actions also include the professional growth work performed by educational institutions for companies, and many of these is custom-made to match an individual business's needs. The Center also provides business terminology training at all levels. Founded: 1883. Structural features: Merged with University of Wales College of Medicine (UCWM) in 2004. Location: Close to Cardiff city center. Healthcare care learners also at hospital website, Heath Recreation area University, 1 mile away. Getting there: Cardiff Primary Place on the national train network; trainers to bus station (next to train station); M4 from London and M5 (west county and Midlands). For school, frequent teaches from Primary Place to Cathays station (on campus), regional vehicles from bus station (53, 79, 81 for main campus; 8 or 9 for hospital site). Academic features: 4-year incorporated food techniques, 5-year two-tier techniques in structure and town planning. 5-year medical and dental programs, plus foundation season for those without science backgrounds; medical teaching throughout Wales. Awarding body: Cardiff University; Wales University for some healthcare programs. Main undergrad awards: BA, BD, BDS, BMus, BN, BSc, BEng, BScEcon, LLB, BArch, MB BCh, MPhys, MChem, MEng, MPharm. Length of courses: 3 years; others 4 and 5 decades. Library & IT facilities: Integrated collection,
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chemise burberry homme taille s Lech - 0 views

Mon parti est moins négatif que ces deux formations en ce qui concerne la politique suivie depuis quinze ans par la Pologne. En revanche, nous partageons la même vision sur le rôle de l'Etat.Ce pac...

chemises manches courtes burberry chemise homme taille s en soldes

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Doudoune A&F Femme 12 - 0 views

Eugenie Bouchard (CAN) - Johanna Konta (GBR/N.16 Court N.1 Grigor Dimitrov (BUL) - Gilles Simon (FRA/N.16) Jana Cepelova (SVK) - Garbine Muguruza (ESP/N.2) Dominic Thiem (AUT/N.8) - Jiri Vesely (CZ...

Blouson A&F Femme Doudoune Homme

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Dennis OConnor

Appellate Court Overturns Blackboard Patent; Blackboard To Press On -- - 0 views

  • Appellate Court Overturns Blackboard Patent; Blackboard To Press On By David Nagel07/27/09 [Updated 3:22 p.m. with comments from John Baker of Desire2Learn.] Blackboard's patent on learning management system technologies has been overturned by the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. The court ruled Monday in favor of Desire2Learn and invalidated some claims in patent No. 6,988,138, also known as the "Alcorn patent" or the "138 patent." But the saga will continue.
  • Today's decision invalidated claims 36 through 38 of the Alcorn patent and upheld a lower court's invalidation of claims 1 through 35--all of the claims for which Blackboard had been suing Desire2Learn in this particular case
  • But Blackboard is continuing its litigation against Desire2learn on other intellectual property issues involving patents that the company has been granted since the Alcorn patent.
    Blackboard vs. D2L
Jim Farmer

Argument Wars | iCivics - 21 views

    Online court simulation using real Supreme Court cases. Geared towards middle school social studies. Students hone their debate skills in an excellent simulation based game.

Indian Supreme Court Lifts Ban on Cryptocurrency Trading - 0 views

    In a historic verdict passed by the Supreme Court of India, the ban imposed in cryptocurrency trading by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has been reversed to the joy of cryptocurrency traders and struck down as unconstitutional.
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interloqué . Ceintures D&G - 1 views

Il pourrait avoir regardé comique , mais il n'a pas , l'effet est effrayant , et Harry ne pouvait pas blâmer Ogden pour reculer de plusieurs rythmes plus avant de parler." Er - bon matin . Je suis ...

Ceintures D&G

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Judy Robison

Our Courts - Build a Curriculum - 0 views

    Our Courts games, and supplemental activities that meet your state's social studies or civics standards for the grades you teach.

The Forgotten Childhood: Why Early Memories Fade : Shots - Health News : NPR - 0 views

  • "What we found was that even as young as the second year of life, children had very robust memories for these specific past events,"
  • "Why is it that as adults we have difficulty remembering that period of our lives?"
  • More studies provided evidence that at some point in childhood, people lose access to their early memories.
  • ...12 more annotations...
  • children as old as 7 could still recall more than 60 percent of those early events
  • children who were 8 or 9 recalled less than 40 percent.
  • we observed was actually the onset of childhood amnesia,"
  • still not entirely clear why early memories are so fragile
  • Some early memories are more likely than others to survive childhood amnesia
  • One example, she says, is a memory that carries a lot of emotion.
  • "They want to be cooperative," she says, "so you have to be very careful not to put words in their mouth."
    • dsatkins1981
      It seems that any role that an adult plays in helping to re-tell, frame, and contextualize a memory in order to bring it to the surface or to make it last must be gentle and organic. We're not talking about rote memorization of past events - can you imagine the trauma from that at home or school let alone in a court room? Some things you wouldn't want to remember.
  • Another powerful determinant of whether an early memory sticks is whether a child fashions it into a good story, with a time and place and a coherent sequence of events, Peterson says. "Those are the kinds of memories that are going to last," she says.
  • And it turns out parents play a big role in what a child remembers, Peterson says. Research shows that when a parent helps a child give shape and structure and context to a memory, it's less likely to fade away.
  • At first, he just talked about it with her.
    • dsatkins1981
      Talking through and eventually encouraging writing about past events - preferably pleasant memories - seems like a great way to help students build a repository of lasting childhood remembrances. I can recall my Mom and Dad saying things like, "We had a great day today didn't we? We got up so early! Didn't Dad make an excellent breakfast? Eggs and bacon. That bacon was so crispy. Don't you think that the smell of a good breakfast cooking makes it easier to get up?" Just an example, and I included the kind of leading questions a lawyer would want to avoid if this was about more than breakfast, but my folks were inviting we the children to enter the conversation as a valued part of the kind of reminiscing that adults may do after a nice day. It was just conversation but I can remember loads of them. And there was plenty of time for us to respond and share.
  • school writing assignments.
  • when our own memories start to fail, Peterson says, we rely on family members, photo albums and videos to restore them.
    How studying childhood amnesia is leading to changes in the way we think about brain development, learning, and memory --- this article mentions implications in the home and in the courts but it also seems relevant to the classroom
ashok rai

DLF PARK PLACE 2 Gurgaon - 0 views

    he services of DLF Park Place 2 are presented as Gated community, Secure and Safe, Sprawling Greens, Serenity all around, Integrated Club facilities including indoor and outdoor sports and Recreational facilities with an Adequate Parking. Swimming Pool with change rooms, separate kids Pool & Tennis Court
irshad ali

Chevron faces $10.6bn Brazil legal suit over oil spill ~ Daily World News - 0 views

    Prosecutors in Brazil are demanding $10.6bn (£6.8bn) from US oil company Chevron for environmental damage caused when one of its oil wells leaked off the coast of Rio de Janeiro. The prosecutors also asked the court to immediately suspend the operations of Chevron and its drilling contractor, Transocean, in Brazil. Brazil has already fined Chevron $28m for the spill on 8 November. A Chevron official said the company had not yet been notified of the suit. The prosecutors who brought the case argued that "Chevron and Transocean weren't capable of controlling the damages from a spill of 3,000 barrels of oil, which proves a lack of environmental planning and management".
Peter Horsfield

Miriam Defensor Santiago - Free Extraordinary Profiles - 0 views

    Miriam Defensor Santiago is politician, professor, and public servant who is most notable for being the very first Filipino to win a seat as a judge at the International Criminal Court. In her more than twenty years of political career, Miriam has proven herself to be an honest, efficient, and excellent public servant, which is why the Filipino people love her.
Kerry J

Neverwinter Nights - play AND create adventures for you and your friends! - 0 views

    The Neverwinter Nights Aurora Toolset allows even novice users to construct everything from a quiet, misty forest or a dripping cavern of foul evil, to a king's court. All the monsters, items, set pieces and settings are there for world builders to use. But do not stop there; construct traps, encounters, custom monsters and magic items to make your adventure unique. But the Neverwinter experience is not just for one person- adventure with all your friends. Neverwinter Nights can be played online with up to 64 friends, all sharing in the adventure. You can organize and run your own adventures through the role of the Dungeon Master and control all the monsters, creatures and characters your friends meet as they journey on their quest.
Kathleen N

Argument Wars - 32 views

    "In Argument Wars, you debate historical Supreme Court cases by advancing arguments and backing them up with supports. Play New Jersey v. T.L.O., Brown v. Board of Education, or Gideon v. Wainwright today! Coming soon: Texas v. Johnson, Miranda v. Arizona and more!"
mark jenkins

Sotomayor Takes Active Role on Court's First Day - - 0 views

  • when police asked him about allegations in another case: that he had sexually abused his 3-year-old son.
    • mark jenkins
      Does the nature of this crime affect your judgement in this case? Do you think the justices look at the nature of the case?
  • This time, he waived his Miranda rights and made incriminating statements that led to his conviction.
    • mark jenkins
      Should all suspects have to answer questions in the prescense of a lawyer? Who would pay the legal fees?
  • It pointed to a 28-year-old U.S. Supreme Court decision that said once a suspect asks for an attorney, "he is not subject to further questioning until a lawyer has been made available or the suspect himself reinitiates conversation."
    • mark jenkins
      Do you agree with this court decision?
Maggie Verster

Facebook Friending 101 for Schools - 52 views

    "Facebook has added an incredible complexity to our lives and relationships for one simple reason: it is in writing. The courts have always put things "in writing" in higher esteem above word of mouth. Now that we are inundated with video, text, and photographs and a set of complex relationships - we end up with things "in writing" that are distributed far beyond our true "friends" into places that get us in trouble."
Winworld Realty

New Town Heights Sector 86, 90 & 91 Gurgaon | 9650344336 - 0 views

    New Town Heights are 3, 4 & 5 bedroom Apartments consist of High Rise tower, Independent Floor and Town house with attached balconies, store room, powder toilet and servant room. Features: Garden Swimming Pool Play Area 24Hr Backup Maintenance Staff Security Intercom Club House Rain Water Harvesting Tennis Court Visit:

iuyiuyiu - 0 views http://beta...

resources Science collaboration

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