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FRONTLINE: digital nation: learning: schools: how google saved a school | PBS - 27 views

    digital nation: learning: schools: how google saved a school | PBS
Samantha Morra

Digital Dossier - 0 views

    Our student's real permanent record.
Jean Potter - 36 views

    Are all young people digital natives? Many older folks may well be digital immigrants but is there a marked difference in their abilities from digital natives?
    This was a link from Joe's suggestion "ASH's 23 Things..." which I really liked. I would like to set up something similar on "my campus".
    This article raised some great points about the labels we place on people of a certain age group, but obviously things are more complicated than the convenient labels our society uses to clasify people. The problem I see in the examples cited are the problems of a generation where you ask and it is done. Digital "immigrants" adapt and embrace new technology because of motivation. Their Job!! I agree that we need to utilize the exprience and perspective of my generation (49 yrs, 25 teaching) with the fearless exploration of my students. They show me what they've located and I can help them understand the relative value of what they've found. Help them develope the tools of analysis and I can learn how to get to information I didn't know existed. We don't need labels, we need to inspire students to want to know what's the value of what they've discovered.
Elizabeth Koh

Gen Y Says: You Can Take Facebook, but Please Don't Take our Email! - 12 views

    Email still seems to be important to 18-24 year olds.
Steve Ransom

FRONTLINE: digital nation: our latest: new video: going digital at 83 | PBS - 12 views

    Fantastic example of relevance facilitated by technology for 83 year old grandmother!
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