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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Philippe Scheimann

Philippe Scheimann

Startup Weekend and Grockit Partner to Launch Education-Focused Startup Weekends | Star... - 6 views

  • dedicated education (EDU) vertical within Startup Weekend. Startup Weekend EDU is designed to attract and assist entrepreneurs working to bring new solutions to education.
    worth checking
Philippe Scheimann

How to Focus Mind Map - 50 views

    good starting point to reflect
Philippe Scheimann

Helping Children Become More Mindful | Tufts Now - 23 views

  • Another mindfulness exercise is to ask a child to listen carefully for about a minute and then name five sounds he heard while being quiet.
Philippe Scheimann

Facebook's New Privacy And Sharing Defenses Are Quite Nice - 24 views

    we'll need to check these new features. Important to keep in mind : FB as the place for only family and friends , not strangers...
Philippe Scheimann

Google+: 10 things it does better - - 42 views

  • Perhaps the greatest selling point of Google+ is the most obvious, however: It's new. The opportunity to start afresh with an up-to-date list of friends, no spam, no ads and an uncluttered interface is a novel experience for those of us who have spent years maintaining profiles on other websites.
Philippe Scheimann

Why Are Finland's Schools Successful? | People & Places | Smithsonian Magazine - 26 views

  • “Children from wealthy families with lots of education can be taught by stupid teachers,” Louhivuori said, smiling. “We try to catch the weak students. It’s deep in our thinking.”
  • “We prepare children to learn how to learn, not how to take a test,”
  • “Play is important at this age,” Rintola would later say. “We value play.”
  • ...2 more annotations...
  • Compulsory schooling does not begin until age 7. “We have no hurry,” said Louhivuori. “Children learn better when they are ready. Why stress them out?”
  • “It was simply the idea that every child would have a very good public school. If we want to be competitive, we need to educate everybody. It all came out of a need to survive.”
Philippe Scheimann

Life Narratives in Social Media | DMLcentral - 8 views

  • In a parallel of a market economy, we find ourselves in an attention economy, tailoring our digital stories to maximize the numbers of friends, followers or replies, deploying our digital narratives in competition with other users for a share of the audience’s limited attention. Rather than engage in conversations, we can find ourselves attempting to cultivate audiences.
  • As educators, we know that we need to help young people understand how their digital stories might be interpreted and appropriated, and support them to maintain their privacy. But can we also find ways to help them tell their stories in ways that are not just about presenting idealized versions of themselves to a corporate world, but allow them to critique these narratives and gain agency over their own stories?
Philippe Scheimann

HTML Color Picker - 25 views

    always useful...
Philippe Scheimann

Giving peace a fighting chance - 17 views

    informal education
Philippe Scheimann

10 Simple Postures That Boost Performance - PsyBlog - 43 views

  • Psychological research suggests simple actions can project power, persuade others, increase empathy, boost cognitive performance and more...
  • Pose for power
  • Powerful poses take up more space, so spread your body and open up the arms or legs. When you dominate the space, your mind gets the message.
  • ...12 more annotations...
  • Tense up for willpower
  • Cross arms for persistence
  • Lie down for insight
  • Smile for happiness
  • best naps were 10 minutes long
  • Gesture for persuasion
  • And gesture for understanding
  • hildren who were encouraged to gesture while learning, retained more of what they learnt.
  • Nap for performance
  • 9. Mimic to empathise
  • Imitate to comprehend
  • Many of these studies support a theory about human life (and indeed all life) called 'embodied cognition'. The idea is that we don't just think with our minds, we also think with our bodies. Our mind isn't a brain in a jar, it is connected to a body which moves around in an environment.
    simple yet powerful
Philippe Scheimann

Family Echo - Free Online Family Tree Maker - 27 views

    looks good - could be useful for work on identity, starting at the personal level
Philippe Scheimann

Six Reasons Why I'm Not On Facebook, By Wired UK's Editor | Epicenter | Wired... - 33 views

  • Private companies aren’t motivated by your best interests
  • They make it harder to reinvent yourself
  • Information you supply for one purpose will invariably be used for another …
  • ...5 more annotations...
  • … and there’s a good chance it will be used against you
  • Call me uncool — but that’s a trend I’m happy to share with my friends. In person.
  • And besides, why should we let businesses privatize our social discourse?
  • People screw up, and give away more than they realise
  • Phone up to buy a pizza, and the order-taker’s computer gives her access to your voting record, employment history, library loans — all “just wired into the system” for your convenience. She’ll suggest a tofu pizza as she knows about your 42-inch waist, she’ll add a delivery surcharge because a nearby robbery yesterday puts you in “an orange zone” — and she’ll be on her guard because you’ve checked out the library book Dealing With Depression. This is where the American Council for Civil Liberties sees consumerism going — watch its pizza video online — and it’s not to hard to believe
    good reasons - share and spread
Philippe Scheimann

VisualBee offers a free PowerPoint plugin (add-in). Design professional presentations a... - 31 views

  • isualBee enhances your plain presentation in PowerPoint automatically, creating an exciting and powerful showcase. It's the graphic design PowerPoint plugin you need. Learn how VisualBee can help you right now.
Philippe Scheimann

The Twitter Experiment at UT Dallas - 10 views

  • Some general comments on the “Twitter Experiment”
  • I used twitter in the basic U.S. History II survey course at U.T. Dallas in the spring 2009 semester. 
Philippe Scheimann

Scientific Curiosity Captured in Photos - 38 views

  • Scientific Curiosity Captured in Photos
    nice way to learn...
Philippe Scheimann

What's your natural thinking pattern? - 43 views

  • Summary: Which of the 6 natural patterns of human intelligence do you use?
    are you a AKV, AVK... ?
    learn about yourself
Philippe Scheimann

iA » Cosmic 140-Art for Geeks - Web trend Map - 22 views

  • Here it is, our next Web Trend Map. No Metro lines, no URLS. This time, it’s 140 most influential Twitter users, their #name #handle #category #influence #activity, when they first started and what they first said.
Philippe Scheimann

Author Nicholas Carr: The Web Shatters Focus, Rewires Brains | Magazine - 16 views

  • Dozens of studies by psychologists, neurobiologists, and educators point to the same conclusion: When we go online, we enter an environment that promotes cursory reading, hurried and distracted thinking, and superficial learning. Even as the Internet grants us easy access to vast amounts of information, it is turning us into shallower thinkers, literally changing the structure of our brain.
  • What we’re experiencing is, in a metaphorical sense, a reversal of the early trajectory of civilization: We are evolving from cultivators of personal knowledge into hunters and gatherers in the electronic data forest. In the process, we seem fated to sacrifice much of what makes our minds so interesting.
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