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Steve Ransom

Can a Playground Be Too Safe? - - 13 views

  • “If children and parents believe they are in an environment which is safer than it actually is, they will take more risks. An argument against softer surfacing is that children think it is safe, but because they don’t understand its properties, they overrate its performance.”
    • Steve Ransom
      True in online social spaces, too!
  • “What happens in America is defined by tort lawyers, and unfortunately that limits
  • “Children need to encounter risks and overcome fears
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  • The best thing is to let children encounter these challenges from an early age, and they will then progressively learn to master them through their play over the years.”
  • “Risky play mirrors effective cognitive behavioral therapy of anxiety,
  • “Older children are discouraged from taking healthy exercise on playgrounds because they have been designed with the safety of the very young in mind,” Dr. Ball said. “Therefore, they may play in more dangerous places, or not at all.”
    • Steve Ransom
      Yet another parallel to be found here with online interactions and social/learning spaces. Banning children from these spaces does nothing the teach them how to use them wisely... and they find ways around our filters anyway without the benefit of wise adult guidance.
Ebey Soman

Dangers behind the Games - 0 views

    The depiction of graphic violence, sexual themes, advertising, consumption of illegal drug or tobacco, and profanity in games have recently been exposed as the roots to many of the problems of our modern society.
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