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Paul Beaufait

What I learned from burning-out as a teacher - 9 views

  • Mindfulness refers to the process of bringing our attention and awareness to the present moment, with an attitude of non-judgement and acceptance
    "Teaching communities can be incredibly nurturing, caring and supportive of the children in their care, but sometimes forget to extend this to the teachers who are at the front line. Teachers may be afraid of being seen as weak or struggling if they open up about their challenges or difficulties. My first piece of advice is find a colleague you can open up to and can offer support or just a listening ear, of course, you can do the same for them. Building and nurturing positive relationships is one of the most important things anyone can do for their well-being."
Nigel Coutts

The danger of teacher burnout - The Learner's Way - 9 views

    Teaching is by nature a high energy profession that demands a lot and while their is much to celebrate there is arena danger of burnout. Taking some time to relax and de-stress is important as is noticing the signs that you are reaching your limit. For all teachers understanding that a break and a change of schedule benefits not just you but your students too can be the catalyst for granting yourself permission for a genuine break.
Paul Beaufait

Burned Out Teachers : NPR - 30 views

    "... Claudio Sanchez reports on a program intended to help teachers regain a passion for their profession" (November 15, 2002).
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