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Russell D. Jones

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  • I rarely grade alone. The students rarely do their homework in isolation. The same chatting software that, when mismanaged, give us fits in our classrooms, enables us to collaborate in dynamic ways. Students now continue fiery classroom debates when they get home from school. They now walk each other through difficult readings of “The Odyssey” and “Hamlet” and return to class with stronger understandings
    • Russell D. Jones
      Social Learning
  • it is more crucial that they learn how to sift thoughtfully through increasing amounts of information.
  • The issue now is distinguishing between rich resources and the online collection of surface facts, misinformation, and inexcusable lies that masquerade as the truth. It will be hard for our students to be thoughtful citizens without this ability to discern the useful from the irrelevant. This is especially clear during this election season. If they are never asked to practice dealing with this new onslaught of information, they will have to practice when the stakes are much higher.
    • Russell D. Jones
      Another comment about information literacy and the value of information literacy.
    Using Technology in the classroom and the social learning environment
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