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yc c

hackfwd blueprint.png (790×1692) - 11 views

Stephen G. Barr

Help a Startup Out - 0 views

    It's classifieds for startups. Post everything that helps create and grow more startups, faster.

Essential online business software for startups - 1 views

    You've decided to start your own business- escape the grind and finally pursue your dreams. Today's entrepreneur can utilize a variety of enterprise software applications that will help them get on their feet without giving away an arm and leg of their nest-egg. I've created a list of some of my favorites- feel free to contribute with any others that you know of.
yc c

CrunchBase, The Free Tech Company Database - 1 views

    CrunchBase is the free database of technology companies, people, and investors that anyone can edit.
yc c

Assembla home - 0 views

    Start faster, and get more done, with less risk, and less overhead. Add a software project and get free team building, communication, trac, and subversion. Register as a developer or service provider to get access to immediate paid trials. Post a Help Wanted listing and discover unlimited resources. Launch your team with our full-service team building and management.
Andrew Long

The TechCrunch 2008 Year in Review - 0 views

    Techcrunch provides an executive summary of startup action for 2008. Based on their own research data (which you can purchase).
awqi zar

ArabCrunch - 0 views

Thieme Hennis

YouNoodle | Browse startups. Find exceptional people. - 0 views

    YouNoodle is a place to discover and support the hottest early-stage companies and university innovation. We develop decision-making technology and tools for the startup community.
Michael Marlatt

How to Change the World: The Art of the Start Video - 0 views

  • The Art of the Start Video An honest speaker will tell you that she has “on” days and “off” days. The result of a truly “on” day is a standing ovation. I had a very “on” day at TiECon on May 13, 2006. This is the annual meeting of The Indus Entrepreneur organization. I’ve provided postings of audio and video of my speeches that covered the topics of innovation and evangelism, but this is the first one of “The Art of the Start.” It’s the first one, frankly, because I’ve been waiting until I did it very—standing ovation—well.
faimone Björn

Deutschlands wichtigster Web-Gründer - die Plätze 1 bis 10 :: deutsche-startu... - 0 views

  • Deutschlands wichtigster Web-Gründer - die Plätze 1 bis 10
  • r 6,14 Millionen Mitglieder, 470.000 Mi
  • Umsatz von 15,91 Millionen Eur
  • ...26 more annotations...
  • Softwareagentur Böttcher Hinrichs. Letzere schlitterte zwei Jahre nach der Gründung in die Pleite.
  • Ibrahim Evsan, sevenload
  • “Ibo”
  • 997 als Leiter von Video-on-Demand-Projekten für die RWE Powerline AG
  • 1,75 Millionen Unique User auf der Website
  • Max Wittrock, MyMuesli, Passau
  • Jahrgang 1982,
  • Studienfreunden Hubertus Bessau und Philipp Kraiss
  • Felix Haas
  • Elektrotechniker studierte in München, Zürich und Stanford und verbrachte zudem über zwei Jahre im Silicon Valley
  • BMW und Google
  • Eventorganisationsplattform
  • Thomas Heßler,
  • hr übernahmen Mediengigant Springer
  • e 214,9 Millionen Euro.
  • Dennis Bemmann, studiVZ,
  • Programmieren begann Bemmann bereits im Alter von sieben Jahren
  • Zum Abschluss seines Studiums fehlt ihm noch die Diplomarbeit.
  • Heiko Hubertz
  • 70 Millionen Euro bei der Browserspielschmiede ein
  • Stephan Uhrenbacher, Qyp
  • Kai Tietjen, Mister Wong, Bremen
  • stattliche 1,70 Millionen Unique User
  • 8,2 Millionen Page Impressions
  • Web-Ökonom
    Deutschlands wichtigste Gründer
Omar Cafini

PlanHQ - Web Based Business Plan Software - 0 views

    achieve your Business Plan
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