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Thibaut Deveraux

Régulation d'internet ? Comment les nouveaux modèles économique la rende obse... - 4 views

    Les affiches d'Hadopi, placardées par le gouvernement, vantent les mérites de ce dispositif censé protéger le droit d'auteur et les créateurs. De leur coté, les internautes s'inquiètent des dérives et des atteintes à la liberté d'expression qui ont d'ors et déjà été observées. A cela il faut ajouter que Hadopi, Acta, la Loppsi, sont accusées de protéger avant tout les majors, au modèle économique obsolète devant les réalités du web. De fait, les auteurs ne sont pas menacés par le web. Bien au contraire, de nouveaux modèles économiques existent qui s'associent parfaitement avec le web d'aujourd'hui. Découvrons ensemble leur fonctionnement.
henry klingberg

Definition | Besser 2.0 - 0 views

    Was ist Projektmanagement 2.0?
Ulrich Kampffmeyer

[DE] ECM 2.0?! - 0 views

    Artikel zu ECM 2.0
ignacio chehade

Collective Unconscious - 0 views

    • ignacio chehade
      Great view about Collective Unconscious in the 2.0 world
  • “Never before have we had such amazing ways of delivering information through television, books, photographs, graphics, computers, video, multimedia, and the internet. Yet so many children are bored and have become less and less motivated to learn about and understand the world around them,”
  • Jung’s collective unconscious is the dreamtime of Homo sapiens. ‘Collective Unconscious 2.0’ is the dreamtime of late-era hypercapitalism. The energies that inform Jung’s collective unconscious are for the most part biological: instinctual drives of fear, hunger and sex (along with the drive for psychic wholeness). The energies that inform the ‘Collective Unconscious 2.0’ are more abstract, related to the movement of electronic capital and the maximization of profit to shareholders.
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  • “These modules seek to penetrate, but in a passing way. A second of your attention is all they ask. Nothing is firing that rends or cuts. It’s a massage, really, if you just go with it. And why not? Some of the most talented people on the planet have devoted their lives to creating this psychic sauna, just for you.” Ersatz environments and colourful advertisements have been with us since the fifties, de Zengotita adds, but the multimedia blitz we experience now represents a whole new level of persuasion. “Saying that it’s just more of what we had before is like saying a hurricane is just more breeze.”
  • Today’s mass dream, split from the organic foundation of the world and cobbled together from shards of television shows, newspaper and magazine articles, advertisements, films, ad jingles, ringtones – the whole mad fantasy of what’s hip, what’s not, who’s in, who’s out and the international villain du jour – is the raw stuff of the ‘Collective Unconscious 2.0’.
  • Mainstream media culture currently has all the signs of full-blown psychosis. This is analogous to Jung’s shadow. Confronting the shadow is unpleasant on a personal level, but healing cannot be effected without being confronted with the truth – and as folk wisdom has it, the truth hurts. What is positive about this process is that we’re being forced to confront the very worst in the imaginal output of our great, untethered, free market economy.
  • We are, ultimately, the stories we tell each other of our past, present and future. We become what we seek. It’s up to us to rule the imagination or leave it in the hands of a select few to shape the future of the mass dream. As Buckminster Fuller once said, “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”
    A Great view about "Collective Unconscious" in the new media world
James Faraday

Sites that Intergrate web2.0 funvctionalities - 8 views

Web 2.0 Integration Sites

started by James Faraday on 28 Jul 09 no follow-up yet
raj malhotra

13 free online tools for web hosting.- smashingweb - 0 views

    13 free online tools for web hosting.- smashingweb

Essential online business software for startups - 1 views

    You've decided to start your own business- escape the grind and finally pursue your dreams. Today's entrepreneur can utilize a variety of enterprise software applications that will help them get on their feet without giving away an arm and leg of their nest-egg. I've created a list of some of my favorites- feel free to contribute with any others that you know of.
Emploi des ingénieurs

France : a Web 2.0 Job board dedicated to engineers - 6 views

We at Jobingenieur are trying to take benefit from latest Web 2.0 technologies to renew the perception and usage of job boards. Creating a Facebook group (more than 600 fans for us), indexing job ...

employment job board engineers Web 2.0 ingénieur

started by Emploi des ingénieurs on 26 May 09 no follow-up yet

How Small Business can compete in Big Recruiting - 0 views

    The question is: how can small and medium sized business (SMEs) stay competitive with larger firms, who posses far more resources to hire the best talent out there? It is in the talent acquisition arena that SMEs need to utilize every advantage that they can get their hands on to lasso the brightest minds available.
KGB Music

all about Web 2.0 - 37 views

I also heard that KGB is a great music label and they have a new artists Amaya. and she uses the web 2.0 to connect with her potential fans and fans alike

web 2.0 article design IT

Ariel Castro

Give Your Twitter Page More Personality with Bubble Tweet - ReadWriteStart - 0 views

    As far as we can tell, Kevin Sherman (BubbleGuru on Twitter) must have loved Pop-Up Video back in the 90's, because he has no less than five different ...
Raul Hugo

Tendencias de Web 2.0 aplicadas a la educación en línea - 5 views

  • En el caso de la educación, lo que muchas veces preocupa a las instituciones educativas es la libertad propuesta por Web 2.0 para la circulación libre de datos, pues en estas instituciones la información y experiencia de sus educadores es su principal producto
    • Raul Hugo
      Me parece un comentario muy acertado, conversando con el Prf. Sotelo en la Universidad la Cantuta de Perú, me dijo lo mismo, que el producto principal de ina institución educativa es la información y experiencia de sos maestros.
  • Un ejemplo de esto, sucede al buscar "arte" en De los primeros diez resultados que arroja la búsqueda, ocho son en inglés, y dos en francés (búsqueda realizada el 21 de noviembre de 2006). Estos resultados denotan que a pesar de los esfuerzos de estas compañías por detectar el idioma en que se hace la búsqueda, la ventaja se le da a los sitios en inglés. Por su parte, al hacer la misma búsqueda en, el resultado fue mucho más variado, con sitios en español, portugués, francés e inglés.
  • desde la explosión de Internet, la información está al alcance de todos. El profesor ha dejado de ser el orador sagrado, dispensador único de la ciencia. En consecuencia, su rol ha de ser definido
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  • … las posibilidades técnicas de las nuevas herramientas no garantizan por sí mismas la activación de su potencial pedagógico y comunicacional, sin el juicio crítico en la toma de decisiones, en el diseño de proyectos y en el desarrollo de programas bien se puede suceder que la innovación tecnológica sólo sea un costoso y llamativo ropaje para viejas prácticas.
    Esta explicación de la web 2.0 y como aplicarla a la educacion a distancia, me agrado mucho
Andrew Long

What Bruce Sterling Actually Said About Web 2.0 at Webstock 09 | Wired - 0 views

    The title says it all. Brilliant, hilarious, intense and long. Read it.
my mashable

Add Google Search and AdSense to Your Mobile Website - 0 views

    Google search can be found integrated on tons of sites across the Web, including this one. Now, Google is extending that functionality to the mobile Web, where publishers can now integrate Google search and earn money on the revenue generated from clicks on mobile ads.
Marc Queval

Web 2.0 Summit 08: Rebecca MacKinnon (Global Voices), High Order Bit - 0 views

    Global survey of Web filtering & blocking: Rebecca MacKinnon at Web 2.0 Summit, November 2008
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