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Manish Kumar

Importance of Subscriber Data Management - 3 views

    In today's communications marketplace, personalization and targeting of unique services to individual subscribers ultimately drives success. MNOs are exploring ways to leverage their assets, primarily subscriber information, to create highly personalized mobile services like subscriber data management.
Manish Kumar

MNO Portal Services For Mobile Operators - 3 views

    In the current scenario of declining voice revenue and greater competition, mobile operators see mobile content and applications as a way to both increase revenue and combat competition in order to attract new customers and win the loyalty of existing ones. In order to make their presence felt in this competitive scenario, mobile operators need to deliver content and services in a variety of forms.
Lisa Simpkins

Sokule lisasimpkins - 0 views

    Business on Steroids... * Your own advertising playground * Your own fan club where you are the STAR * A targeted group of like minded people you can contact anytime. * A great way around email * Affiliate Program for green Spendin Stuff * Major Advertising Site - Make a statement * How To Make Money at Sokule * Applications Earn Money! Customize your account and set your marketing into overdrive. The choice is yours. * Earn up to 50% Commission... * EARN Passive Income... * POST Longer Messages... * EDIT Those Annoying Errors... * SCHEDULE Your Posts and Look Like a Pro... * ADD LIVE Links To Your Site... * ADD Your Favorite Social Media Links To Your Site... * SEND A Custom Welcome Message... * Make A STATEMENT With Your Sokule Website... * SAY It ALL With Sokwall... * Re-Squeek (RS) Automatically... * SEND A Personal Message... * Plus LOTS more KULE features in development. Earn Money! Customize your account and set your marketing into overdrive. The choice is yours.

Send SMS and Get Your Homework Done. - 16 views

pupils school homework social network

Maluvia Haseltine

VoIP Troubleshooter | Test Tools - 0 views

    List and links to useful network analyzing tools - focused primarily on VOIP
Markus Eberius

full automatically retweeting at twitter | - 0 views

    Many people ask how other twitter users can have so many updates a day. Do they have nothing else to do, only tweeting. In my article"Combine twitter, friendfeed, twitterfeed and RSS" I described how to bring your blog or webpage articles automatically in twitter. Today I will show how to automatically retweet articles.
Graham Perrin

Mobile Opportunity: A quick history of software platforms: How we got here, and where ... - 0 views

  • where we're going
  • software with APIs that third party developers can write apps on top of
  • grow a tech business more quickly if you get third party developers
  • ...38 more annotations...
  • lessons about where the industry might go
  • Fair warning: this is a long post.
  • In 1969, the Justice Department, ADR, and several others filed antitrust suits
  • IBM agreed to stop bundling free software
  • disaggregation is a natural outcome
  • multiple companies can move faster
  • backlog of potential creativity
  • The OS is dissolving into a soup of resources distributed across both the network and the local device, with the application in the middle calling on both
  • what it lacks in beauty it more than makes up for in rate of change and versatility
  • hybrids of local and network resources
  • gradual evolution of a super-OS that includes both the network and the device
  • we don't have a name for this new thing
  • trouble talking about it
  • I'm calling it the "metaplatform"
  • Although the metaplatform isn't necessarily elegant
  • compatibility
  • technological advances always lead to value chain fragmentation
  • what happens if that company goes out of business or just decides to stop maintaining the product?
  • If you've incorporated external web services into your site, the site will break if any of those services stops working
  • We don't have any systematic ways to deal with problems like these
  • a business opportunity for the next crop of software entrepreneurs
  • What the metaplatform means
  • Much of the discussion in this post is pretty theoretical
  • practical implications
  • iPhone today gives (in my opinion) the best overall mobile browsing and app discovery experience
  • APIs that will enable other developers to extend
  • implementation is often off-target
  • trying to make their APIs into the business equivalent of an operating system
  • private ecosystem
  • opening the application outward
  • mixed and matched with other functionality in the metaplatform
  • export data isn’t enough... what springs to mind is open source
  • Lots to think about
  • Clayton Christensen
  • The most effective mobile application are
  • a framework to predict where most profits will be made
  • HTML5
  • changes that are brewing in the mobile industry

The evolution of NAS - Office (or Media Server) in a Box - 0 views

    Let's see the evolution of NAS (network attached storage) Office or Media Server in a box
Fritz Friend

Berliner Startup Servtag gewinnt den 2. Platz der internationalen NFC Forum Global Comp... - 0 views

    Das Berliner Startup Servtag hat mit seinem ortsbasierten mobilen Service „" erfolgreich an der diesjährigen NFC Forum Global Competition in Monaco teilgenommen. Von insgesamt...
Tamura Jones

TweepMe - 1 views

    Article about TweepMe, the ethics, what it does and does not, how it works and does not work, the security risks.
yc c

Fanpop - What are you a fan of? (-) - 0 views

    Fanpop is a network of "social portals" called spots that are created for fans by fans. Share your favorite links and meet fellow fanatics. Find out what other fans are surfing on the web with "social browsing". We think that it should be easier to get to stuff you care about. Because the web should revolve around you. Go pop in and out of a few spots!
yc c

Welcome to LinkedIn - 0 views

    When you join, you create a profile that summarizes your professional accomplishments. Your profile helps you find and be found by former colleagues, clients, and partners. You can add more connections by inviting trusted contacts to join LinkedIn and connect to you.
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