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Internet Marketing, SEO, SEM and Small Business Tips - 6 views

    Tips on internet marketing for small business owners. Practical tips and lessons on SEO, SEM, PPC and google analytics for small business owners.
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Small Business Hiring Gains Fire Power « Hiring Software and More - 0 views

    Unlike the slow moving behemoths of old, start-ups have the ability to rapidly change direction and adapt to newly minted consumer demands. Young companies now have access to a plethora of new tools that utilize the internet to minimize costs and maximize efficiency.

Essential online business software for startups - 1 views

    You've decided to start your own business- escape the grind and finally pursue your dreams. Today's entrepreneur can utilize a variety of enterprise software applications that will help them get on their feet without giving away an arm and leg of their nest-egg. I've created a list of some of my favorites- feel free to contribute with any others that you know of.

How Small Business can compete in Big Recruiting - 0 views

    The question is: how can small and medium sized business (SMEs) stay competitive with larger firms, who posses far more resources to hire the best talent out there? It is in the talent acquisition arena that SMEs need to utilize every advantage that they can get their hands on to lasso the brightest minds available.
moritz jakobsen

Does Google Have Rights to Everything You Send Through Chrome? - ReadWriteWeb - 0 views

  • "a perpetual, irrevocable, worldwide, royalty-free, and non-exclusive license to reproduce, adapt, modify, translate, publish, publicly perform, publicly display and distribute any Content which you submit, post or display on or through, the Services."
  • I was intrigued as to whether this would be passed onto something as massive as a browser - and was amazed when I was reading through the terms. Blake and James have interesting points above - however I believe these are overshadowed by the very top line - "These Terms of Service apply to the executable code version of Google Chrome. " This statement must be read in conjuction with the following statement - thereby expressly inferring that it applies to Chrome. My reading and understanding of these TOS, prima facie, implies that under Clause 11 - anything you enter into the browser 'which is a Google product/service' can be used by Google whenver they want - now or in the future. It's enough to never want to use this browser. Send an email through yahoo using chrome - Google Own it. Post a facebook message - Google own it. Send an idea about a new business through Chrome - Google own it. Yes these are exagerations - but they are not limitations under that clause. Until Google remove such errenous conditions - no a chance in hell I am using that browser.
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