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John Evans

Guggenheim Museum Releases Free New App for iPad - 1 views

    "The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum announces the release of the Guggenheim iPad app, which offers a unique exploratory experience from anywhere in the world. The free app is available to download at An extension of the existing Guggenheim app for iPhones and Android handsets, the new iPad app brings together a rich array of content highlighting the museum's collections and exhibitions as well as its publications archive, offering access to more than 100 out-of-print titles dating back to the 1930s. "
John Evans

American Museum of Natural History Launches Free Online Image Database - The Digital Shift - 3 views

    "The American Museum of Natural History's (AMNH) research library last month hosted the official launch of its new online image database for Digital Special Collections. Begun as a project to digitize 1,000 of the museum's photos and rare book illustrations using grant funding from the New York Metropolitan Library Council, the Digital Special Collections program has evolved into a long-term project that will offer the public free online access to the museum's research library collection. The new database includes more than 7,000 archival images that document the Museum's efforts in New York and around the world, dating back to scientific expeditions from the 19th century."
John Evans

3 Steps to Creating an Awesome Virtual Museum in Class - iPads in Education - 2 views

    "You're spending an afternoon browsing the exhibits at an art museum. If you're anything like me, you'd probably appreciate the art a lot more if you could bring someone along that could explain the history and nuances of the pieces on display. Now imagine pointing a device at the painting and seeing it morph into a dynamic video giving you all the information you wanted about the art. Welcome to augmented reality.

    Virtual reality replaces the real world with an artificial, digital environment. In contrast, augmented reality alters your view of the real world by layering it with associated digital information. Augmented reality uses your device's camera to view the immediate environment and display media when it sees an object it recognizes. It has been utilized as a marketing and informational tool by many industries. Using an augmented reality app, you can point your device at an advertisement in a magazine and get detailed product demonstrations. Aim it at a sign outside a house for sale and get an after hours virtual walk-through the property. There are also many ways augmented reality can be used in education."
Phil Taylor

Adobe Museum of Digital Media - 3 views

    Poses the question: where do you think innovation comes from?
Dianne Rees

MoMA | Online - 6 views

  • Explore MoMA’s online resources for teachers and students.
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