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John Evans

A Two-Minute Guide To Artificial Intelligence - 1 views

    "If you keep hearing about artificial intelligence but aren't quite sure what it means or how it works, you're not alone. 

    There's been much confusion among the general public about the term, not helped by dramatic news stories about how "AI" will destroy jobs, or companies that overstate their abilities to "use AI." 

    A lot of that confusion comes from the misuse of terms like AI and machine learning. So here's a short text-and-video guide to explain them:  "
John Evans

Forbes Insights AI: Issue 1 - 1 views

    "Over the next several months, across six issues, Forbes Insights and Intel will tap leading voices, highlight emerging trends and showcase compelling research to create a 360-degree look at artificial intelligence. Get started on this journey with issue one below."
John Evans

Teachers Are Turning to AI Solutions for Assistance - EdTech - 1 views

  • Integrating AI into regular classroom curricula is no easy task. With the technology still in its emergent phase, teachers who are interested in these solutions may also find it difficult to gather definitive best practices.

    According to a 2018 Consortium for School Networking (CoSN) report, it’s important to consider the culture and technical readiness of your school before bringing in robotic teaching assistants.

    “Small and mid-sized districts tend to be the most facile and can move forward quicker,” says Alex Kaplan, global sales leader of IBM Watson Education. “A basic technology infrastructure including a student information system, assessment data, digital instructional resources and bandwidth to schools, is essential.”

    "While teachers may always be the best line of defense for students falling behind, busy schedules don't always permit the special attention and feedback that students need. That's where artificial intelligence-powered teaching assistants might come in handy.

    "These intelligent tools can adapt pacing based on the student's ability … and provide targeted, corrective feedback in case the student makes mistakes, so that the student can learn from them," states an eSchool News report released earlier this year. "These tools also gather actionable insights and information about a student's progress and report the data back to the teacher."

    Understandably, there is still some hesitation at the idea of using this technology, as education professionals fear the day robots will replace teachers. However, as Thomas Arnett, a writer at the Christensen Institute, explains in his report, Teaching in the Machine Age, these advances are not meant to replace teachers but help them bring students to new heights.

    "Innovations that commoditize some elements of teacher expertise also supply the tools to raise the effectiveness of both non-experts and expert teachers to new heights and to adapt to the new priorities of a 21st-century workforce and education system," writes Arnett.

    Schools have already begun to adopt machine learning initiatives to help teachers and students fill learning gaps, and the results have been received well so far."
John Evans

Google Launches New AIY Artificial Intelligence Kits | All3DP - 3 views

    "Those itching to get to grips with neural networks are in luck: Google offshoot AIY Projects has recently revamped its Voice and Vision Kits. These project-in-a-pack kits give you all you need to build an intelligent speaker or camera."
John Evans

The Great A.I. Awakening - The New York Times - 1 views

    "How Google used artificial intelligence to transform Google Translate, one of its more popular services - and how machine learning is poised to reinvent computing itself."
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