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Nigel Coutts

Why build a Personal Learning Network? - 3 views

    'Inside the Black Box' was written by Black and William in 1998 and in it they describe the classroom as a black box with inputs and outputs but what occurred inside was a mystery. For many teachers the reality has been that what occurs in their classroom has been both private and isolating, a matter between the teacher and his or her students but a task largely tackled alone. But this isolationist view is, in the age of the social media and networking increasingly challenged and more and more teachers are finding their voice, sharing their ideas and gaining valuable insights from a global community of connected educators.
Phil Taylor

How to Build Your PLN on Twitter -- THE Journal - 0 views

  • A great way to start building your PLN is to search for hashtags of Twitter chats that might be of interest to you
John Evans

Educators Teaching Learners; Educators Teaching Educators; Learners Teaching Learners; ... - 1 views

    "Googler to Googler places employees from across departments into teaching roles. Classes taught Googler to Googler-everything from kickboxing to parenting- are initiated and designed by employees. Telling your employees that you want them to learn is different than asking them to promote that culture themselves. Giving employees teaching roles makes learning part of the way employees work together. It's a remarkable thing to put someone in teaching mode. In a way, you get to see the best of them. (Here's A Google Perk Any Company Can Imitate: Employee-To-Employee Learning)"
John Evans

10 Brilliant and Inspiring Education and Technology Experts I Follow, and Why - Emergin... - 0 views

    "Like many of you, there are certain educators that I find frequently impact my thinking and teach me new things through their published works. Here I offer 10 of my favorites. Some of these passionate and informed minds have inspired me for years, and others I have become aware of more recently. Of course, there are plenty of other wonderful educators writing and sharing great ideas across the Web and in conferences and schools around the world every day, so I hope you - the reader - will share some of your favorites too!"
John Evans

3 Ways Personal Learning Networks Are Evolving - 0 views

    "The concept of a Personal Learning Network (PLN) is a familiar concept these days. Yet, the nature of Personal Learning Networks is evolving as the range of tools available to support them increases, and our rapport with those tools becomes more sophisticated.

    The aim of this post is to outline the changes that appear to be taking shape, and to offer some practical strategies for teachers to supercharge their Personal Learning Networks."
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