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Contents contributed and discussions participated by johnos

Tyme 2.0

the price to "GO PREMIUM" - 260 views

premium price
started by Tyme 2.0 on 06 Sep 10 no follow-up yet
  • johnos
    @ Maggie Tsai - You said...

    'In particular, the "Free" plan has been enhanced by increasing the number of highlights and enabling limited page cache, screen capture, etc. A cheaper plan, called "Basic", at $20/year, has been introduced. For details, please check out the updated product offerings table. We believe the new plans should help accommodate even greater flexibility for users of various needs.

    'After more consideration weighting user feedback and our team's long term plan, we have decided that the FREE plan's highlights limit will be set at 1,000 per year.'

    That was a month ago, but the cheapest premium plan is still €40, and the highlight quota is still 500. What's up?

Help: locked out of my own group - 32 views

  • johnos
    I have two Diigo accounts, one personal, where I save everything, and the other for my classes.
    I use a group of which both accounts is a member to share items with students. But now I can't get access to that common group. Each time I try, it tells me to request access from the group owner. Any ideas?
  • johnos
    Many thanks Lei Zhou.

Can one remove the 'Best Content' label? - 4 views

started by johnos on 08 Feb 12 no follow-up yet
  • johnos
    Diigo groups all seem to have the label 'Best Content' top of page. This doesn't seem to make sense, as all content is shown, and it comes across as a little awkward.
    Is it possible to edit or remove it?
Shibela .

Search Bug? - 90 views

diigo search bug
  • johnos
    Same here Shibela! I've seen posts on this problem going back to last August! Basic searches (not tag search) doesn't return any results older than a week or so ago! Effectively, this means that my library, which is several years old, is practically useless.
  • johnos
    Thanks Sandy. Looks good now. I suppose I should back everything up!

Can't save - 35 views

save list help Firefox Mozilla Firefox bug bookmark drop down menu missing dialogue
  • johnos
    I'm using and the OS is indeed Windows XP 5.1 SP3.
    That thread looks like the same or similar, although it doesn't mention that the bookmark won't save at all, but I'm going to try the FF profile route.
    Thanks for the pointer!
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  • johnos
    I've checked out the profile fix and see that it requires my deleting my current FF profile completely, or else having to switch between profiles, which is a bit clunky for on-the-fly working.

    Graham, you mention a workaround in Ferdinand's thread, and seem to hold out hope for a better solution, but I can't see how to implement it. Maybe I'm missing something obvious -- I usually am!
  • johnos
    Thanks Graham. I get it now. Yes. I created a new profile, and Diigo works perfectly with that.

    Does this mean that if I clean any Diigo references out the default profile (I don't even know at this point if that is possible ) that I can get it working again in my normal environment?
  • johnos
    Brilliant. Toolbar disabled and Digolet working perfectly!
    Many thanks for your help Graham.
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