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Joel Liu

Privacy concern? Don't worry - here is why - 108 views


started by Joel Liu on 13 Nov 08
  • Joel Liu
    We got a twitter message about the privacy concern: " note that by default, the toolbar for Diigo will log sites you have visited and other users can see sites you go to #privacy"

    Rest assured - that's not the case, and we highly respect our users' privacy. Here is how Diigo handles your privacy:

    1. We do send every URL you visit to diigo site, but we don't log them. We do it only because we need the information to decide a) whether you've bookmarked the page. If yes, a red book icon will show up to inform you. b)whether you've added annotations on the page. If yes, we will show the highlights on the page. Diigo processes all these information very "smartly"

    2. Other users can see only public bookmarks that you've saved in diigo - definitely not your browsing trail, ie. all sites you go to.

    3. Another good news to share with you all: we will provide a silent mode for Firefox and IE toolbar soon. When you are in this mode, only urls you decide to bookmarks will be sent to diigo site. Of course, you can't enjoy features mentioned in point #1 in silent mode
  • Damien Clauzel
    Is there anything new about the "silent mode"?

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