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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Bill Hooker

Bill Hooker

Direct links to pdf cannot be bookmarked? Wtf? - 111 views

pdf url direct link post bookmark help resolved
started by Bill Hooker on 28 Sep 09 no follow-up yet
John Faig

Common Bookmarks - 25 views

common stuff suggestion help orientation
  • Bill Hooker
    I have >4000 bookmarks and 130 tags (actually many more, but there are still kinks in the import-from-Simpy process), and I get the "coming soon" message.

    This is another vote for a feature request: some way to search for users with tags or bookmarks in common with me (also perhaps with my watchlist, or with a group I've joined).

    I think this is almost an essential feature if the collaborative/social aspect of Diigo is to be fully realized.
  • Bill Hooker
    Partial solution: on the "my tags" page, you can sort your own tags by community usage; clicking on one will then take you to a page of users who employ the same tag.

    Of course, you still have to go through one-by-one to see who really has interests in common with you.
era e

Simpy import botched - 75 views

simpy import bug tags-related tag resolved
  • Bill Hooker
    I have the same issue as era e; all of my imported Simpy tags have that weird cruft and do not function as tags even though they show up in that field. I have been watching another forum thread about tag issues:

    and hoping that whatever was generally wrong with tags would also turn out to be the problem with my imported Simpy tags. Unfortunately that does not seem to have been the case, although it's not at all clear whether that other issue is in fact resolved.

    Tags I add myself seem to work OK, but I cannot even get my imported tags to show up in a way that would enable me to edit out the cruft by hand.

    Help, please!
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  • Bill Hooker
    Improvement! :-)

    The issue from the other thread has apparently been resolved, but it hasn't completely fixed the problem with imported Simpy tags:

    1. the crufty imported tags can be edited on a per-item basis and thereafter function as regular tags (but I have >4000 items with >1 tag for most of them, so this is not an option)

    2. searching for the name of a tag that has wound up encruftulated brings up the crufty tags e.g. searching for tag "impactfactor" finds all the imported items tagged "<![CDATA[impactfactor]]><_tag>"

    3. however, clicking on ANY crufty tag, no matter what the original tag name is that's buried inside it, brings up the same error message: "no bookmarks tagged <_tag>"

    4. crufty imported tags do not show up in "My Tags" tab -- if they did, I suspect they could be edited one-by-one, which would be do-able since I only have a couple hundred tags at most.
  • Bill Hooker
    Loss of improvement! :-(

    1. crufty tags can still be edited item-by-item but this is still not an option

    2. searching for part of a tag no longer finds anything at all. Does wildcard searching work? If so, how?

    3. clicking on a crufty tag now seems to work like clicking on a regular tag, brings up all the items carrying that particular crufty tag; since I cannot be arsed to memorize the cruft format this really isn't much use

    4. but crufty tags still don't show up in "My Tags", so I still cannot edit them

    I've switched full-time from Simpy to Diigo and, apart from the continuing problem with my imported tags, have been very pleased with performance and usability.
  • Bill Hooker
    era e wrote:

    > I edited several hundred tags and only some of them failed to stick. It seems that tag names which start with numbers will not stick, for example; but I'm not entirely sure if this is consistent. There is also a set which cannot be deleted, with somewhat similar features. Anyway, all things counted, I'm now stuck with only a handful of crufty tags.

    Thanks for that -- I think I am in a similar situation. Also, some of the edits or deletes that don't appear to stick may in fact stick, they just take a while to show up. E.g. I just de-crufted my tag "almaswan" and now I appear to have both the uncrufted and crufty versions -- I'll update here if and when the crufty one disappears.

    Now I have >600 tags to edit by hand, but at least I can do it. Sort of.
Freddie Krueger

Selecting any tags shows error: "no bookmarks tagged (tag name)" - 347 views

tags-related bug resolved
started by Freddie Krueger on 24 Apr 09 no follow-up yet
  • Bill Hooker
    Joel Liu wrote:
    > Latest status: Bookmarks before 2009-04-11 are retrievable through tags now.

    Not a big deal, but equally I would think easy to implement: it would be nice if I did not have to rummage around in the forum to find updates on known issues -- indeed to find out whether the Diigo team is aware of a particular issue.

    A blog/status page with known issues and their status would be very helpful.
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