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Tony Searl

How can we help you to learn with mobiles - PBL project « - 3 views

  • useful to the functional needs of school administration and proof of action
    • Tony Searl
      the same as it is for any systemic ICT (intranet, MAANG, email) It is NOT outward from student/teacherr, it is heavily "down to" them. Hence uptake is poor at best, ignored completely at worst but admin is happy because it is available.) What happened to those simple ICT/saas/paas audits?
  • The project, as always, needs to make a product, and a case to an audience.
    • Tony Searl
      as do the echo chambers of walled garden hell, but because this is provided as expertise, what is dished up is not questioned sufficiently, let alone updated/audited for functional use. Designers/providers rarely use what they perceive as "offered" as the end consumers using those same consumer's metrics of time, space, function with all associated limitations.
  • how developing nations are using phones
    • Tony Searl
      LDN's also don't face the tyranny of unschooling. Tabula rasa is a great strength of emerging design in LDC's. Government's will eventually respond to this closing gap for economic reasons not educational ones. Unfortunately
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  • Best of all it takes the case to the people who make decisions, policy and rules about the use of phones
  • very high numbers of students simple do not respond to anything
    students simply don't respond to using a learning management system, (not that it is an LMS, but it includes edmodo BTW)
Tony Searl

Blackboard Press Releases - 1 views

  • lackboard Inc. (NASDAQ: BBBB) is a global leader in enterprise technology and innovative solutions that improve the experience of millions of students and learners around the world every day
  • Providence Equity Partners is the leading global private equity firm specializing in equity investments in media, communications, information services and education companies around the world
    Blackboard will continue to drive and benefit from the increasing penetration of digital technologies and content in schools around the world.
Tony Searl

Social Networks in Action - Learning Networks @ UOW - 1 views

  • SNAPP is a software tool that allows users to visualize the network of interactions resulting from discussion forum posts and replies.
  • Discussion forum activity is a good indicator of student interactions and is systemically captured by most LMS. SNAPP uses information on who posted and replied to whom, and what major discussions were about, and how expansive they were, to analyse the interactions of a forum and display it in a Social Network Diagram. The following figures illustrate how SNAPP re-interprets discussion forum postings into a network diagram.
  • What can a network diagram tell me? A network diagram is a visual depiction of all interactions occurring among students and staff. This information provides rapid identification of the levels of engagement and network density emerging from any implemented online learning activities. Social network visualisations provide a snapshot of who is communicating with whom and to what level. A network diagram of your students’ discussions online can:
Tony Searl

elearnspace › Well Played, Blackboard - 0 views

  • To counter this view, the edupunk/DIY approach to learning has produced an emphasis on personal learning environments and networks. To date, this movement has generated a following from a small passionate group of educators, but has not really made much of an impact on traditional education. I don’t suspect it will until, sadly, it can be commoditized and scaled to fit into existing systemic models of education.
  • Adobe Connect has somewhat of an academic presence, but it has seen far more success in corporate settings, similar to WebEx and GoToMeeting.
  • Integration, not the platform itself, is now the critical focus
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  • Which means that decisions makers are motivated (partly out of fear of appearing ill-informed, partly out of not wanting to take risks) to adopt approaches that integrate fairly seamlessly across the education spectrum. Why buy an LMS when you can buy the educational process?
  • shift from LMS-as-platform to LMS-as-integration
  • Blackboard did not buy into the synchronous education market with the Elluminate and Wimba purchase – they bought the market
  • In the mean time, well played, Blackboard! Your acquisition will have a far greater long term impact in educational technology than most people realize…
  • trust in Blackboard is low – partly due to their lawsuit and partly due to chaotic integrations with their previous purchases.
    Some universities are beginning to focus on a big-picture view of technology: making learning resources available in multimedia, integrating technology from design to delivery, using mobile technologies, and increased focus on network pedagogy. Blackboard (and LMS' in general) have been able to present the message that "you need an LMS to do blended and online learning". To counter this view, the edupunk/DIY approach to learning has produced an emphasis on personal learning environments and networks.
dean groom

Why CMS hinders learning - 12 views

  • With Web novices, pedagogy must be emphasized before features and tools
dean groom

Schoology - Your digital classroom - 0 views

    Learning Mangement based on Social Networking
Amanda Rablin

Human » Blog Archive » How can Moodle change a school - 0 views

    1 school's story about implementing moodle
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