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Open Education Tutorial - 3 views

    This is an open education tutorial that is designed to help people find the courses that they want to take. Provide directions on how to define success when taking an open education course so that you have a plan that you can execute. Finally it gives ways to stay motivated when taking and open education course so that you can fulfill your goals. This was created by a student in the OKMOOC.
    Thanks for linking to this tutorial. I think it touches on some great points of staying motivated while participating in courses that rely more on self directed initiatives (such as this mooc)!
    Recently had to use YouTube to figure out how to make videos licensed under the creative commons!

Sound Design Tutorial For Film: Audio & Pre-Production - YouTube - 1 views

    Great and usefull introduction to the complex world of sound design for film.
    I've used this an other of Light Film Schools tutorial videos for my students, when introducing basis knowledge about filmmaking.
    I am new to this subject. After seeing this video I understand how the professional movie makers work online. Advanced methods and cooperation in group with different roles. I can imagine it works well if you have a class to create a real movie production. Thank you for your presentation here.
rushdsowell - 0 views

    A paper that gives an introduction or tutorial to the Free/Open Source Software. Relevant to our discussion for module 1 are part II and III. Part II gave a brief history for such a movement. Part III explained in brief four components of F/OSS: the license (yes even something open needs a license), the community, the development process and only lastly is the software itself
Ibraghimova Irina

social media use in health care - 1 views

Grajales III FJ, Sheps S, Ho K, Novak-Lauscher H, Eysenbach G. Social Media: A Review and Tutorial of Applications in Medicine and Health Care J Med Internet Res 2014;16(2):e13

privacy Module2 digital identity

started by Ibraghimova Irina on 12 Sep 14 no follow-up yet

Light Stalking | Beautiful Photography - 0 views

    A good place to find useful help when working with photo editing.
    A good place to find useful help when working with photo editing.

Intro to JS: Drawing & Animation | Computer programming | Khan Academy - 1 views

    Great JavaScript programming initiative.
Fernando Carraro

Herramienta en línea para obtener metadatos de imágenes - 0 views

    Encontré esta herramienta para poder ver los metadatos que hay en las imágenes, también hallé estas dos:

Open Access engineering courses - 0 views contains lot of engineering video tutorials that are open access.

open access

started by hardikjjoshi on 11 Oct 14 no follow-up yet

Creative Commons - 2 views

CREATIVE COMMONS: Organización sin fines de lucro, ubicada en California, para usar y compartir tanto la creatividad como el conocimiento a través de una serie de instrumentos jurídicos de carácter...

module4 privacy

started by veronicasoledad on 26 Sep 14 no follow-up yet
Ana Muñoz de Rivera

Module 9 - 1 views

Example of how a library helps you through its installations. This tutorial from McGill University Library will show you how to start your research via subject guides.


started by Ana Muñoz de Rivera on 03 Nov 14 no follow-up yet

Tutorial como crear una cuenta en Wikipedia y un articulo (En HD) - 0 views

shared by raulcd70 on 03 Nov 14 - No Cached
Elke Lackner liked it
    ¿Quieres salir en la Wikipedia y no sabes como? Aquí te enseño. Cualquier duda, déjame un comentario.
robert morris

User Generated Content and Crowdsourcing | The Transition to Digital Journalism | kdmcB... - 0 views

    A lot to absorb here.
Diane Vahab

Open-Source Software for Libraries - 4 views

    Librarian site from New Zealand. It's still far from comprehensive but it can provide a good start if you're looking for stuff to try. FOSS4LIB is a much larger directory of library-specific open-source projects you might also look at.
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    Thank you for sharing.
    I've used Greenstone, Koha, and Wordpress, and while Wordpress is the easiest to use, I find it the least "library-esque" of the three. Koha is excellent once you get started, and has barcode-scanning built in, which can be very useful. Greenstone I've only just started to look at, but is fairly user-friendly once you get started and has a huge community of users that can help with any number of add-ons and tutorials. Great article!
    Thanks, great stuff. I created a blog using WordPress.
Leopoldo Basurto

The UK National Archives Palaeography Online Tutorial - 0 views

    Es un recurso abierto que resulta entretenido y provechoso, tanto para el experto en paleografía como para el lego, Muy recomendable.
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