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started by moonlove on 03 Sep 14
  • moonlove

    As long as we are talking about knowledge, and as long as this knowledge is unlimited, I have to post this audio book about knowledge, but a different type of knowledge. It is the inner knowledge
    The inner knowledge is as important and vital as the knowledge that lies outside. Mainly, our knowledge should starts from inside. We should recognize ourselves, our hearts, our minds, our ambitions, and our passion toward the life we own.

    This audio book, written and recorded by Allan Rufus, is about 4 hours and half, you can listen to it over a week, and you will discover the power it gives to you. The power of Knowledge. The harmony between the knowledge we have and the knowledge that lies inside us. The peace that knowledge can bring to us.
    I loved this audio book a lot about knowledge, and I am sure you will do too once you listen to it.

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