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Michel Roland-Guill

The New Value of Text | - 0 views

  • Velocity, depth, breadth. These are the dimensions we can add to books, that are the gifts of a digital age, not gimmicks, glossy presentation and media-catching stunts. The text works. It stands and speaks for itself. It is not what we need to change.
Michel Roland-Guill

Books in Browsers : annotations et lecture sociale | SoBookOnline - 0 views

  • Si seuls Google et Amazon arrivent donc aujourd’hui à faire pointer directement, à partir d’une url, un fragment qui aura circulé sur le web (site, réseaux sociaux, etc.) vers sa position exacte dans le texte auquel il renvoie, c’est (en partie) parce que ces plateformes sont fermées et imposent une vision figée du texte.
Michel Roland-Guill

From Documents to Information - 0 views

  • In Theories of the Text (Greetham 1999), D. C. Greetham begins by observing that the word “text” derives from the Latin texere, which means “to weave, join together, plait, braid” and therefore “to construct, fabricate, build, or compose.” “Text,” he goes on to say, “is thus both literal and concrete on the one hand – the physical woven text – and figurative and conceptual on the other: a work of art and both the technical and imaginative procedures whereby this work is brought forth.” (26) Text understood in this way covers a range of phenomena, from the most concrete and material aspects of expression to the most abstract and ideal aspects of content and meaning.
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