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Michel Roland-Guill

P.L.E. Consulting: Redéfinir des vecteurs de lecture - 0 views

  • la “lecture industrielle” (lecture sur supports informatiques) demande davantage de compétences que la lecture sur papier
  • « La Singularité technologique est un concept, selon lequel, à partir d'un point hypothétique de son évolution technologique, la civilisation humaine sera dépassée par les machines – au-delà de ce point, le progrès n’est plus l’œuvre que d'intelligences artificielles, elles-mêmes en constante progression. Il induit des changements tels sur l'environnement que l’Homme d’avant la Singularité ne peut ni les appréhender ni les prédire de manière fiable. » Définition Wikipédia
  • l’extrême contemporain
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  • les époques à mutations rapides génèrent des sociétés “fragmentées”, au sein desquelles les changements se diffusent de façon asynchrone
  • Peut-on éditer dans l’extrême contemporain ?
Michel Roland

Reading ebooks on your phone- why do it? - Mobile Technology News - 1 views

  • There is nothing better than finding an unexpected five minute window open up that can be spent enjoying a good book.
  • The key to the unexpected free time scenario I mentioned is that I must have the reader with me at all times.  My experience has taught me that the only way I can guarantee always having the reader with me is if it lives in my cell phone.
  • in the first two weeks of iPhone ownership I had read six books on it
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  • any comporomises you might be making due to the small screen on your phone are more than met by the joys of finding time to read you would otherwise miss.
Michel Roland-Guill

38% of College Students Can't Go 10 Minutes Without Tech [STATS] - 1 views

  • 500 American college students. Seventy-three percent of them said they would not be able to study without some form of technology, and 38% said that they could not even go more than 10 minutes without checking their laptop, smartphone, tablet or ereader.
  • 70% of the students said they use keyboards rather than paper to take notes and 65% said they use digital devices to create presentations.
  • A 2010 study by OnCampus Research found that 74% of college students surveyed still preferred to use a printed textbook. But the CourseSmart survey suggests that further etextbook adoption might be on the way.Nearly half of the 98% of students in the survey who owned a digital device said they regularly read etextbooks. Sixty-three percent had read an etextbook on their device at least once, and the majority of the survey group agreed that etextbooks are easier to carry, simpler to search, cheaper and better than traditional textbooks for reading on-the-go.
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