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Rescuing Restaurants: How to Protect Restaurants, Workers, and Communities from Predato... - 0 views

    "What the apps have done, instead of competing to serve customers and restaurants, is use Wall Street money to accumulate market power, raise barriers to entry, and then merge with each other and set up regional monopolies.The people who have invested tens of billions of dollars in the four dominant delivery apps tolerate huge short-term losses purely because they see the likelihood of monopoly power"
dr tech

YouTube's Plot to Silence Conspiracy Theories | WIRED - 0 views

    "Crucial to his success, he says, was YouTube's recommendation system, the feature that promotes videos for you to watch on the homepage or in the "Up Next" column to the right of whatever you're watching. "We were recommended constantly," he tells me. YouTube's algorithms, he says, figured out that "people getting into flat earth apparently go down this rabbit hole, and so we're just gonna keep recommending.""

A Smile Detector and Other Apps You Need to Be Using | WIRED - 0 views

    "RECHO DOES ONE very simple, little thing: It lets you leave a voice message tied to a location. When other people using the app hit those coordinates, Recho will tell them there's something to listen to. You can use the app to discover different "rechoes" around you, if you actively want to listen in on someone's location-aware thoughts. You can also share interesting soundbytes with your Recho followers. It's a little weird and novel, but ultimately a new way to think about digital exploring a place."
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