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Johnny Rob Ford

Goat Simulator Video Game Coming Soon for $10 | - 0 views

    In this article, Doug Aamoth examines an indie game which is going to be released for PC. Goat Simulator, by CoffeeStain, allows players to run around in an open-world as a goat, wrecking havoc on benches; buckets; people; and it demonstrates an excellent physics engine. For only $10, you can pre-order this game on Steam.
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Video Game Design Careers | Designer Education - 0 views

    i chose video game designer because i love playing video games, when i play video games i always come up with ideas to try to improve the game. i also think this job is amazing because you get to design your own game which i always wanted to do all my life. This job will never get boring for because i am gonna be designing video games all day, and i will highly enjoy that. This is also a good job because i get use my mind to create a game that i want and think all the focused audience would want. i always wanted to create a games because ever since i was a kid i enjoyed coming up with a good idea for a video game. this a job i highly recommend for creative people. This the career i chose to do for my assignment i hope you enjoyed it.
Victor Hugo Rodrigues Carvalho

EA Makes Worst Company In America History, Wins Title For Second Year In A Row! - 0 views

    EA has once again made the Worst Company in American History. Although many think the constant hate towards EA is a circlejerking karma train their problems and mistakes are very much real. This article outlines 3 of their main failures:
    -not providing a product their costumer will want
    -not selling a product at a reasonable price
    -not supporting the products they sell
    Despite selling games that millions of people buy most are rushed, including features that nobody wants, and not fixing previous mistakes. They also try to squeeze as much money out of their consumers as possible. They make people pay for money in-game products that should already be in the original copy and the make many of their games pay-to-win. The last big point that makes EA the Worst Company in American History was the fact that they have a habit of not supporting the products they sell. For example when
Melissa Yu

Users Start Giving Up on Streaming Video If It Takes Two Seconds to Load - 0 views

    Over the years, the internet has become faster and faster and as this has happened our patience has decreased. We have come to expect fast speeds and short loading times on the internet and anything slower is considered unacceptable. However, before reading this article I didn't realize how impatient we had really become when it comes to the internet. This article talks about the results of a study that showed that users were likely to give up on a video after only two seconds of loading! This had come as a surprise to me. To me, two seconds seems like only an instant, but I have to admit that I still am not willing to wait much longer than that for a video especially if the video is only 10 minutes or less. However, I find it interesting how two seconds of loading has become an issue, while we are still waiting through 30 seconds or more of advertisements before we are able to view our video. If we have already spent so much time watching an ad a couple more seconds shouldn't seem like a big deal. This article shows how our expectation of high speeds has affected us and our lifestyle. We have come to expect our video to load almost immediately and if it doesn't do this then it isn't worth the time. Our ability to wait is being altered. We're no longer used to having to wait for things that we want to watch, see or listen to on the internet. We've changed into thinking that if it doesn't load instantly, then it isn't worth watching. Of course, our patience should have limits. If it really is taking longer than the length of the video itself to load then perhaps it is time to abandon the video, but I feel that waiting only two seconds before moving on shows how impatient we have become with technology.
jose valenzuela

Construction Begins On World's Largest Telescope [VIDEO] - 0 views

    this article is about the start of the construction for the worlds largest telescope. It will be the so big that it will be finished in 2019. It will feature seven giant mirrors, more than 28 feet in diameter, and be enclosed in a 200-foot tall structure.
Ira Garcia

Pivothead video glasses offer impressive quality, we go hands-on (sample video) -- Enga... - 0 views

    This video and article is about a pair of sunglasses that can help you shoot videos and capture pictures on-the-go, instantly. This breakthrough has its own up side and down side. For the up side, you get to shoot videos whenever you want, wherever you want. Plus, its very convenient. It adds little to no bulk at all. From the outside, it looks like your typical sunglasses. And did I forget to mention it has a camera that reportedly surpasses that of the iPhone 4S? For the downside, think about privacy. Before, you can tell if someone was video taping you or not. You could tell because they are holding a rectangular device. But right now how are going to tell? Many people wear sunglasses and from a distance, you would not be able to tell that those pair of sunglasses are the ones that are capable of shooting videos. Well I guess downside of this just depends on how the user uses it. 
Matthew Tam

Crank Up Your Laptop's Gaming Power with an External Video Card Dock - 0 views

    The author of this post, Whitson Gordon creates a External GPU mount so that your gaming experiences with a laptop can be improved. Basically(click link to website to see picture) he takes a full size GPU and connects it to the express card slot on the laptop, improving performance for a few hundred bucks. Downside? Its not very mobile. (Just get a desktop)
Mary lou Paningbatan

Video: Robot Builds Other Robots From Foam | Danger Room | - 0 views

    The University of Pennsylvania's Modlab builds a robot that can build and repair other robots using an insulating spray-foam. I think that this is cool because it's actually really hard to build a robot and by spraying insulating foam to create the arms and legs, that's amazing. 
codrin gherghel

Robots Play Ping-Pong: The End is Near [VIDEO] - 0 views

    Forget Apple's Siri voice recognition technology taking over the world. I have seen two robots playing ping-pong and now I am truly scared for humanity.
    Named "Wu" and "Kong," these two human-sized robots are the products of China's Zhejiang University. They play ping-pong not only against each other, but will take on humans as well. In the video, it's clear they're as adept at forehand shots as they are at the backhand.
Mary lou Paningbatan

Man Turns Random Tech Into Musical Instruments [VIDEO] - 0 views

    Musician Mikael Mutti uses engineer electronics and gaming controllers to create instruments and new sounds. This video was made using the controllers in the video-including a Rock band Guitar/ iPad hybrid, Japanese office telephone, a Wii remote and a Beamz laser motion sensor. Using a bluetooth and USB, Mikael plugs two controllers into his laptop and creates the video music using Reason and Pro Tools. Isn't it just weird how you can make different sounds and instruments out of electronics and game controllers?!
Elezabeth Lee

29-Year-Old Deaf Woman Hears Her Voice for the First Time [VIRAL VIDEO] - 2 views

    Technology is just amazing these days and surprises us all. Sloan Churman was born deaf and for 29 years she has relied on reading lips and hearing aids. About 8 weeks ago she had an implant called The Esteem Implant by Envoy Medical and for the first time Sloan was able to hear her voice. Just wish that the expenses for these things were a bit cheaper, that way more people would be able to get this implant.
Mary lou Paningbatan

Disney's iPad-Friendly Toys Give Playtime A Digital Boost [VIDEO] - 0 views

    Disney announced a new toy line that makes the iPad an interactive play mat. The new toy is called Disney Appmates, it interacts with a free app that brings it to life. Pixar's Cars are the first toys able to interact with this app. Each car includes a capacitive sensor. When it is placed on the iPad the screen adjusts to the position of the car, so it can interact with the character. With this app you'll be able to explore, compete in races and complete missions. What's great about the new toys: the toys aren't designed to scratch the screen and the toys are lightweight. With this app it has been proven that on April 2010 the iPad is now popular with kids as it is with adults. 
Jonathan Villa

New Demo Promises Blazing Fast Windows 8 Boot Times [VIDEO] - 0 views

    Some details on the upcoming Windows 8 were revealed. Including an 8 second boot up time. in my opinion this is very important new feature because a common complaint about pc users (including myself) is a long boot up time.
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