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Kelsey Martell

Environmental Sustainability - 2 views

    This piece of writing discusses how Nestle continuously strives for improving environmental performances. Their goals include: The topic, their commitment and their short-term goals. Some of their topic they focus on are like water, climate change mitigation, energy efficiency, biodiversity, waste and recovery and compliance.
Jacob Ortiz

Wasted: How America Is Losing Up to 40 Percent of Its Food from Farm to Fork to Landfill - 1 views

    This article talks about how wasting food also causes the waste of energy and water. It gives a graph of the total percentage of food wasted and food consumed. 
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    Although there are many resources needed for food production, the smallest gesture towards saving food is an improvement. We need to utilize the most food possible in hopes to reduce our wastage by at least 15 percent. Twenty five million citizens do not have the means to get food on the tables, they could be fed by giving what we don't use or don't need.
    40 percent of food in The United States today, goes uneaten. They talk about statistcs and what should and can be done to avoid food waste.
    A quick overview of how much energy and resources are wasted with food waste. It goes over how Europe is already making efforts to improve food waste and why America should follow suite and how it can benefit our country.
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