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Alisa Cooper

Discussion 4: Diigo/Sustainability - 26 views

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started by Alisa Cooper on 15 Oct 12
  • Alisa Cooper
    Welcome to the Diigo group page where you can participate in this discussion. You have a little extra time to participate in this assignment, but don't forget about it.

    We are starting a new module and the focus is now on sustainability. After you have read the TOP 10 Myths about Sustainability, I want for you to do a Google search on sustainability to see if you can find more information about the myths and other topics that fall under the sustainability. You need to save 3 websites that you find to the Diigo class group. Be sure to give the sites a title, tags, and a short description of what the website is about - just like you did for assignment #2 earlier this year.

    The second part of this assignment is this discussion. You can participate in this in two ways. One, you can add your comments and feedback right here OR you can comment on individual posts made by your class mates. Be sure to make a minimum of 3 comments.

    Question: Identify issues or concerns that we should be aware of in regards to sustainability. How might be go about solving this problem or addressing this concern?
  • Taylor Burkhart
    In my opinion people of the world should be aware of the precise meaning of sustainability. Many people under look the word and assume that it is a form of "Lent", giving up pleasures in life; such as favorite foods, buying clothing, or getting an expensive car. But that definition is wrong and misunderstood, people need to be educated of sustainability to further help and prevent sustainability through out the world. Sustainability is being able to adapt to our world, take care and cope with issues on our planet. If people are uneducated of the subject then people will not be able to help others obtain our sustainability. I believe sustainability should be taught in schools around the globe; to educate the younger people of this issue. This would be a great way to help with sustainability.
  • gaelan76
    I agree with a lot of what Taylor has to say in her comments on sustainability and people's perceptions. I agree that many people think of sustainability as an inconvenience, one that they don't have the time to be bothered with. But in fact, living a sustainable life style is done by people everywhere. From using a recycling bin to carpooling with friends, people are sustainable. People should be educated that sustainability isn't a sacrifice, it's just how we live our lives and the choices we make. It's not always difficult.

    -Gaelan Grady
  • gaelan76
    Sustainability, as I have stated earlier, is a lifestyle. It is the things that we do everyday that make an impact on the world around us. It is our actions combined, individuals, companies, communities and countries. It is the things we do today that leave an imprint on tomorrow. One issue in particular is the sheer amount of coal that is burned in factories and plants around the world. The number one user of coal is China. Coal is not a sustainable resource as it is finite, harmful to the environment as well as harmful to human health. However, many people in China depend on coal in many different aspects of life. However, it is up to the Chinese government to start moving away from coal and start using more and more sustainable energy sources. The sources are wind, water (tidal) and solar. Not all of these may be suitable for China's needs but they should be utilized when available. This leads to looking at how enery is provided to other parts of the world, sustainable energy needs to be incorporated by everyone, not one nation alone. There should be greater taxes imposed on CO2 and this money should then be used to establish and further research and develop sustainable energy. Eventually, weening societies off finite energy such as coal.
  • Erick Alderete
    Sustainability, is a problem that not everyone has knowledge on. This issue has to do with the environment and how we can help protect it. A major problem that is causing major concerns is in the global warming. Global warming is an issue that is felt around the world. This is due to the large amount of green house gases that are released everyday, in a variety of way. The result of these gases being released are effecting the weather which is causing glaciers to melt and this is messing with peoples everyday living. This issue has to be taken more serious and we have to finds better ways to help stop or at least reduce the release of these harmful gases or it will effect our future.
  • Taylor Burkhart
    Erick you are absolutely correct; people need to start taking this problem more seriously! As our world ages the world changes and needs help to sustain our planet. Our planet is slowly dieing and needs our help to prevent it. But I cant help but wonder why people dont take it so seriously? Its a serious issue is not? So w\how come people dont care to notice?
  • Taylor Burkhart
    I agree concure with your statement here on sustainability and like your refrence to China's coal and your use of details concerning sustainability. I also liked how you gave a solution to using Coal; such as taxing and weening our society of coal.
  • ashcam
    I like how taylor put it in her first post people look at it as a form or "lent". If they were to really care about this situation than they would be a little more educated to know there are numerous ways to contribute to living sustainably. Just from reading everybody's posts it seems to me that we could all agree that people in general are not educated on the topic of sustainability. It isn't an easy topic therefore i requires effort which i personally think a lot of people don't care to put any effort into this problem because to them it has not become a problem yet because nothing drastic has happened.
  • ashcam
    Gaelan you are absolutely right sustainability is a lifestyle one that many aren't willing to take on. But like i have said before we need some way to show the world how truly important this is. We need to change our habits of living in order to make a difference and change the direction of where our world is headed. I think taxing CO2 and using that money towards developing sustainable energy sources is a great idea.
  • ashcam
    Erick you're right but how do we do that? In the video we watched cutting carbon emissions by 80 percent seem to be the number one suggestion. but the UN decided on doing that in a longer time span because it seemed more reachable. Yet we have history to look back on showing us we are extremely capable of attaining this goal in the time we need which i believe was 2014. I'm getting the years mixed up so feel free to correct me.

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