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Sergio Ferreira

New Zealand Bans New Fossil Fueled Power Plants - 0 views

  • New Zealand electricity producers, including Contact Energy Ltd., will face a 10-year ban on the construction of new gas- or coal-fired generators to help the nation meet its Kyoto Protocol emission reduction targets. . . .
    Talking of "Strong measures" towards clean power...
Hans De Keulenaer

New Zealand Commits to 90% Renewable Electricity by 2025 - 0 views

  • In a speech this week, New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clarke announced New Zealand's intention to commit to 90% renewable electricity by 2025, according to a press release issued by the New Zealand government. The country already uses 70% renewable electricity, primarily hydro- and geothermal power and will continue to increase its use of renewables over the next 20 years. 
Hans De Keulenaer

Bell Gully - New regulations on distributed generation for New Zealand electricity sector - 0 views

  • New regulations governing the connection of distributed generation to lines company networks came into effect on 30 August 2007.
Colin Bennett

Consumers are getting smart about energy use | Energy Efficiency News - 0 views

    The survey of over 5000 energy consumers in twelve countries including the UK, Germany, France, Japan, New Zealand and the US found that many consumers are now actively seeking more information about their energy supply and usage. Over 90% of respondents said that they would like a smart meter to manage their energy usage and improve efficiency.
Energy Net

Worldchanging: Bright Green: A New, Bold Plan for a Carbon-Neutral UK by 2030 - 0 views

    "Carbon neutrality by 2030 is the new standard for climate policies, and again the UK is leading North America in the climate debate with a bold national-level proposal about how to get there. The Centre for Alternative Technology just launched zerocarbonbritain2030 (ZCB2030), a collaborative project showing one possible scenario for making the entire UK carbon-neutral by 2030. ZCB2030 is a well-researched, well-written, and well-designed report on a set of possible pathways to a zero carbon Britain by 2030 (The goal, though bold, is not unique: Alex Steffen called for a very similar position for Seattle, a target which the Seattle City Council has included in their legislative priorities this year; and a variety of other nations and cities are approaching the same target, from Copenhagen to New Zealand). In 384 pages, CAT presents a comprehensive look at the kind of systemic changes needed to achieve dramatic emissions reduction in just 20 years in such areas as farming, energy generation, building codes, transportation planning, and economic frameworks. This report truly addresses the scope, scale and speed of the climate crisis and the solutions needed to create a bright green future. "
Hans De Keulenaer

Emerging Energy News: NASA maps reveal ocean wind power hotspots - 1 views

  • PASADENA, CALIFORNIA:  The world's most promising regions for offshore wind power have been revealed in satellite images from NASA.  The northern U.S, Canada, UK, Japan and Eastern Russia have the most potential in the Northern Winter, while southern Australia, South Africa, New Zealand and Argentina benefit from the most consistent and powerful winds in the Northern Summer.
Hans De Keulenaer

Bell Gully - Government to review electricity sector's continuance of supply obligation - 0 views

  • Under current law, from 1 April 2013 lines companies will no longer be statutorily required to provide a connection to remote rural, or any, customers. The most likely consequence is that, as lines become damaged after weather events or generally become unusable, supply will either be terminated or the cost to consumers in remote rural areas will increase significantly.
Hans De Keulenaer

WorldChanging: Heat pumps: The Future has Hot Showers. - 0 views

  • Alex recently posted a charming video snippet that he described as "solutions porn" - the video shows a man in a dusty, un-named country installing a photovoltaic panel on his roof and enjoying a lengthy hot shower when the evening sets in. His family are in the next room boiling water and doing homework under a lamp. The 90 second spot took first place in the 2007 Commonwealth Vision Awards.
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