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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Sergio Ferreira

Sergio Ferreira

Commissioner Piebalgs adresses the Parliament on high oil prices - 0 views

  • draft directive guaranteeing 20% renewables
    • Sergio Ferreira
      is this a joke? guaranteeing? rather dreaming!!
  • ensure that 10% of EU transport is powered by renewable fuel by 2020 into practice. It should be noted that this 10% can be covered by biofuels, or electricity from renewable sources.
  • There is an energy future for all of us. This future will most likely be organised around different patterns of production, consumption and behaviour. Like with climate change, action is needed now.  
Sergio Ferreira

GreenTech: Researchers hope to recycle CO2 to make gas - Green Daily - 0 views

  • a small group of scientists are working on a method that will let you keep using gas: make gas into a renewable resource by recycling the carbon dioxide to help create more gas
    nice (american) way to solve (postpone) a problem
Sergio Ferreira

EPIA: Solar technology prices getting 'better and better' - 0 views

  • nd in fact a few weeks ago in Spain we produced more energy from wind than we did from nuclear in one day
  • What is happening in Germany is that most of the modules that are being installed are coming from China and Japan and so on. So it is a kind of contradiction. So our enemies are using this and saying we are investing our taxes in order to give our money to the Chinese. Even in terms of investment, some investments are not coming from Spanish investors, but from Chinese or Japanese etc. So, unfortunately the situation is quite complex. 
  • So from October onwards there will be new legislation. So the big barriers in Spain are the new administrative processes, because for a normal citizen it is a nightmare to get a licence. The administrative procedures are absolute nonsense. 
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  • no-one could have perceived that we would be producing more energy with wind than we are with hydro or coal. Wind is now only behind nuclear and gas. This is really important – wind is about 10% of our electricity in Spain
  • We can predict that in Southern Europe, the cost of the production of a PV plant with be lower than the tariff by 2015.
  • When we don't need the subsidy we will see the market respond.
Sergio Ferreira

Oil Left in the Ground - 0 views

  • Even with record-high oil prices, about two-thirds of the oil in known oil fields is being left in the ground.
Sergio Ferreira

Commission casts ICT in green role - 0 views

  • improve energy efficiency throughout the economy, starting with buildings, lighting and the power grid
  • ICT could make not only the management of power grids more efficient but also facilitate the integration of renewable energy sources.
Sergio Ferreira

EP votes on the Electricity Directive - 0 views

  • ITRE voted that ownership unbundling of vertically integrated companies (carrying out both generation/sales and transmission) be obligatory
  • An obligation should be placed on distribution companies by national regulatory authorities to introduce smart meters ("bi-directional electronic meters") "which shall be rolled out to all consumers within 10 years after entry into force of the Directive".
  • Member States adopt a definition of "energy poverty"
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  • at least at the regional level of all technical and market codes for the relevant transmission system operators and other market players
Sergio Ferreira

Europe Unplugged - TIME - 0 views

  • That took about 1,200 MW from the country's grid and brought electrical reserves to a dangerously low level.
  • And so at 12:39 p.m., the electricity sputtered off in Athens
  • metro
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  • elevators for up to four hours
  • Why is Europe's electricity sector so inadequate? There are crises up and down the system: high prices, inadequate supply, creaking infrastructure.
  • Thursday a fresh power cut caused by a faulty cable struck the Acropolis and two neighboring districts for an hour
  • worst power outage in Greece in decades
  • ext 15 years
  • half the power plants in Europe are more than 25 years old, meaning they will have to be replaced in th
    A vision... from the past... and the future...
Sergio Ferreira

eceee: Danish Electricity Saving Trust updates purchasing guidelines - 0 views

  • The Danish Electricity Saving Trust’s 2008 Purchasing Guidelines are now available in English.
  • The method is to specify user requirements before electrically powered products appear in the shopping baskets of the municipalities.
  • he Trust recommends that all public sector institutions and private companies follow the Guidelines when purchasing products. Public sector institutions will thus automatically fulfil the requirements laid down in the voluntary agreement and the government’s circular. Purchasers will also be saving their organisations very large sums of money,
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  • Initially, the Trust’s requirements for energy efficiency are capable of being fulfilled by around 20% of the products on the market.
Sergio Ferreira

Brussels: Nuclear is a solution for climate change - 0 views

  • Nuclear energy makes an important contribution to our fight against climate change and our security of energy supply
  • In order to make the necessary investments possible, the commission is examining ways to address the difficulties related to licensing, financing and different nuclear liability regimes.
Sergio Ferreira

Shell will not pay for emissions permits, freeze investments in Europe. :: iNSnet - 0 views

  • Royal Dutch Shell Plc. may stop investing in Europe if it has to pay for emissions permits.
  • Utilities are hostile to the plans and are threatening to freeze their investments in the EU and to relocate operations.
Sergio Ferreira

EU wind sector confident despite cash and skills shortage - 0 views

  • growth is being slowed by insufficient electricity grid infrastructure, hesitant investors, and rising raw material costs, notably for copper and steel
  • People power
  • A lack of trained technicians and engineers also weighs heavily on the minds of the industry. Finding enough skilled workers "is an enormous challenge in Europe," according to Kjaer, who cited examples of companies that are simply unable to fill dozens of vacancies for qualified engineers technical staff.
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  • Most renewables supporters agree that feed-in tariffs are the best way to give a boost to the sector. But a number of smaller member states with limited wind, solar or hydro potential prefer to trade virtual renewable energy certificates in order to reach their targets.
  • Some EWEC delegates, such as MEPs Britta Thompsen and Claude Turmes, also want the Commission to impose tough penalties on those member states that fail to reach their targets.
Sergio Ferreira

Andris Piebalgs pushes for offshore wind and a maritime grid - 0 views

  • "A maritime grid infrastructure is needed for the development of offshore wind energy. Without it, no offshore wind farms will be built," EU energy commissioner Andris Piebalgs said at the European Wind Energy Conference on Monday (31 March).
  • it must be developed fairly quickly and a central question is how it should be financed."
  • "We must ensure that the growth trend in wind energy continues,"
    Our briefing paper from KEMA on maritime grids comes timely! This Monday Andris Piebalgs mentioned the urgency and called for a maritime grid infrastructure. His concern is: how will it be financed?!
Sergio Ferreira

Why Edison-style light bulbs aren't always bad - 0 views

  • Are we releasing more greenhouse gas emissions by using more fossil-fuelled heating to make up for the heat that we're not getting from CFLs and LEDs?
  • But if you're in a state or province that uses more emission-free hydroelectric power and nuclear power, then it might make sense to keep on using that Edison-style bulb during the winter.
Sergio Ferreira

wattwatt - community for individuals interested in electrical energy efficiency - Cable... - 0 views

  • Nodal analysis or link analysis of the Harmonic prone Electrical supply installation, its important to know the values of impedances offered by power cables for different harmonics present
  • Most of Power Cable manufacturers do not give such data. Even after asking them, it's un-available with them.
Sergio Ferreira

Thirsty Hybrid And Electric Cars Could Triple Demands On Scarce Water Resources - 0 views

  • They calculated water usage, consumption, and withdrawal during petroleum refining and electricity generation in the United States.
  • Each mile driven with electricity consumes about three times more water (0.32 versus 0.07-0.14 gallons per mile) than with gasoline, the study found.
Sergio Ferreira

280-MW Solar Plant to Use Molten Salt for Energy Storage - 0 views

  • e Co. (APS), one of Arizona’s leading energy utilities, to build, own and operate what would be the largest solar power plant in the world if operating today.  However, by the time it comes on line in 2011, there will probably be othe
Sergio Ferreira

Smith Elecctric Vehicles Orders Drive Components for 4,000 Vehicles - 0 views

    The electric truck market seem to be taking off. When will electric cars really reach this level?
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