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Contents contributed and discussions participated by John Maklary

John Maklary Free, Temporary, Anonymous and Environment Friendly Mails - 0 views

    This is a great site for temporary email addresses for students -- perfect for signing your students up with a web 2.0 service that requires an email address.
John Maklary

AltaVista - 0 views

shared by John Maklary on 31 Mar 08 - Cached
    • John Maklary
      A neat feature is to track who is linking to a particular site. In the search box, type and search. The results will tell you what websites are out there that link directly to the on in question. Great for validating a website.
John Maklary

Tag Overload - 110 views

started by John Maklary on 30 Mar 08 no follow-up yet
  • John Maklary
    I like the idea of a shared group. Should we consider some tagging standards to help with organization? Already there are a LOT of tags and I've been finding that too many tags make important links get buried quickly. Should groups be more topic specific? I guess we're all trying to get comfortable with diigo.
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