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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Bret Willhoit

Bret Willhoit

Features · Inside Google Search - 3 views

    Here is where you can explore a wide range of Google Search features. You can find different categories, such as Research or Fast Facts, to find new ways to search for information and get answers.
Bret Willhoit

The Children Must Play - 20 views

  • Not only do Finnish educational authorities provide students with far more recess than their U.S. counterparts—75 minutes a day in Finnish elementary schools versus an average of 27 minutes in the U.S.—but they also mandate lots of arts and crafts, more learning by doing, rigorous standards for teacher certification, higher teacher pay, and attractive working conditions.
  • it had to modernize its economy and could only do so by first improving its schools. To that end, the government agreed to reduce class size, boost teacher pay, and require that, by 1979, all teachers complete a rigorous master’s program.
  • Finnish teachers earn very competitive salaries: High school teachers with 15 years of experience make 102 percent of what their fellow university graduates do. In the United States, by contrast, they earn just 65 percent.
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  • Finnish authorities haven’t outsourced school management to for-profit or non-profit organizations, implemented merit pay, or ranked teachers and schools according to test results, they’ve made excellent use of business strategies. They’ve won the war for talent by making teaching so appealing. In choosing principals, superintendents, and policymakers from inside the education world rather than looking outside it, Finnish authorities have likewise taken a page from the corporate playbook: Great organizations, as the business historian Alfred Chandler documented, cultivate talent from within. Of the many officials I interviewed at the Finnish Ministry of Education, the National Board of Education, the Education Evaluation Council, and the Helsinki Department of Education, all had been teachers for at least four years.
  • Finland’s school system unique is that the country has deliberately rejected the prevailing standardization movement
  • Since 1985, students have not been tracked (or grouped by ability) until the tenth grade
  • The Finnish approach to pedagogy is also distinct
Bret Willhoit

Wikimedia Commons - 13 views

    A database of 6,663,392 freely usable media files to which anyone can contribute.
Bret Willhoit

Sakai Project - an Open Source suite of learning, portfolio, library and project tools ... - 7 views

    Possible alternative to Mahara.
Bret Willhoit

CC in Education - Creative Commons - 6 views

    Creative Commons licenses provide a flexible range of protections and freedoms for authors, artists, and educators.
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