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Martin Burrett

Snapshot Serengeti - 10 views

    This is a wonderful citizen science project where users are asked to classify animals on the Serengeti from camera traps to help real scientists survey and track populations of important and endangered wildlife.
Martin Burrett

Duolingo - 9 views

    This site looks amazing and a clever way of using the power of crowd sourcing to translate the web. Translate text into another language to learn Spanish, German, French, Italian and Chinese. The text is levelled to your ability.
Vicki Davis

Crowdsourcing or Loudsourcing? | ISTE Connects - Educational Technology - 8 views

    Blogged my thoughts on crowdsourcing the ISTE keynote this year.

Google Moderator This I Believe about Learning - 0 views

    Google Moderator Demonstration: Nine Beliefs about Learning Drawn from Stephanie Pace Marshall's The Power to Transform
Jerrid Kruse

The Wired Campus - Duke Professor Uses 'Crowdsourcing' to Grade - The Chronicle of High... - 0 views

  • Learning is more than earning an A says Cathy N. Davidson, the professor, who recently returned to teach English and interdisciplinary studies after eight years in administration. But students don't always see it that way. Vying for an A by trying to figure out what a professor wants or through the least amount of work has made the traditional grading scale superficial, she says.
  • "Do all the work, you get an A. Don't need an A? Don't have time to do all the work? No problem. You can aim for and earn a B. There will be a chart.  You do the assignment satisfactorily, you get the points.  Add up the points, there's your grade. Clearcut. No guesswork. No second-guessing 'what the prof wants.' No gaming the system," Ms. Davidson wrote Sunday in a blog post detailing her strategy on (pronounced "haystack"), the acronym for  "humanities, arts, science, and technology-advanced collaboration.," which she co-founded.
  • It's important to teach students how to be responsible contributors to evaluations and assessment. Students are contributing and assessing each other on the Internet anyway, so why not make that a part of learning?"
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