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Ruth Howard

Why Are Spy Researchers Building a 'Metaphor Program'? - Atlantic Mobile - 2 views

    Metaphors being developed by computers in order to track meanings behind a race or nation. For purpose of spying.
Dave Truss

Enraptured by Life...: On Taking Ownership of Our Online Life... - 8 views

    As a Kindergarten teacher, when a child entered my classroom never having held a pair of scissors or not knowing how to tie her shoes, I felt it was my responsibility to teach those skills with support and guidance. It was not for me to judge that that child hadn't been taught those skills at home before coming to school, but to assist in equipping the child with the skills that would be needed as she moved forth in life.
Claudia Ceraso

ELT notes: Some things I am certain of (for now, this is beta, OK?) - 17 views

  • teaching is worth discussing. Anything else can be found for free on the Internet.
  • Good technology use in the classroom is transparent and intertwined.
  • Motivation is a drug. It is a short-term target.
  • ...4 more annotations...
  • Better make people "addicted" to learning, to the process, to the autonomy of it. There are intrinsic reasons why this is pleasurable, meaningful and long lasting per se.
  • 7) Mind the use of the word "enhance" when linked to learning. Mind the gap. Old things are just old things.
    • Dave Truss
      Note my comment: "This is such a good point! We do not advance from the early airplanes by sticking to using double winged biplanes or 'enhancing' the propeller engine. If a blog is used to 'enhance' the sharing of homework then the point of a blog is missed."
  • 9) Standards are for things that fit a pattern. When educators claim that creativity is a "21st century" essential skill, we need to accept the limitations of striving for standards. Assessment and standards are cousins.
  • Doubt, question and never, ever just assume.
    • Dave Truss
      This should be a poster to put in classrooms:-)
    • Gabriela Sellart
      Communicating results is becoming more and more frequent.(#4) Doubting out loud doesn't seem to grant you an "expert" degree, which I notice is the aim of many educators who are blogging. Particularly those who write in Spanish.
    • Claudia Ceraso
      The poster in the classroom... Interesting. I would change the phrase to "Remember your teacher also expects to learn lots from you". Few teachers are comfortable doubting in front of their students. Perhaps, with reason ;-)
    So many quotable quotes in this post! Wonderful 'deep' thinking.
Dave Truss

Thoughts By Jen » Blog Archive » The PLN Spirograph - 10 views

    And at times it is a beautiful thing….and at other times, it might be chaotic, crazy, and seemingly unmanageable. So what do you do….to make this manageable, workable, and productive??
Dave Truss

The Connected Classroom: Supporting Reluctant Swimmers-or letting them drown? - 0 views

  • I have to wonder how many folks would jump in at all if they were afraid of the water. As David Truss points out, "too many people fear drowning and never get into the pool” and that in most Teacher Ed programs the amount of technology skill they leave the program with seems to be optional... to me that's like throwing a non-swimmer into the deep end.
  • I spend a day or two, sometimes a week “teaching folks to swim.” I give them the skills and we go SLOW.
  • There has been talk in the edtech community for a long time that we need to stop talking about the tools, but I disagree. You are always going to have those non-swimmers who finally find their way to the edge of the pool. Teach them what the water feels like and support them as they develop confidence in using the tool. When I share a tool like voicethread with a teacher, they can see so many ways it can be used in the classroom. They get excited about the potentials but they don’t understand the many concepts that go into it, embedding, and sharing, and privacy, and moderating comments, are so new to them…They are excited about being at the pool's edge, but it is like being thrown into that deep end for the first time.
    • Dave Truss
      So True! We do need to continue talking about the tools, but that can't be our focus, that is our line of support.
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  • There was also some talk in the comments on Durff’s post that administrators must make technology a priority if we are to get teachers to "take the time" to explore new things- it is one of the things that is driving me to complete my administrative certification. Provide opportunities for teachers to see what is possible (take them to the pool), Give them the skills they need (the swim lessons). Provide support for them and swim along side the teachers. Only then will you have competent swimmers.
    There has been talk in the edtech community for a long time that we need to stop talking about the tools, but I disagree.
Dave Truss

Durff's Blog: Swim Instructors or Swimmers? - 0 views

    My point is, how far are we to go with other educators? If we instruct on the technological skills, isn't our responsibility done? Isn't it the responsibility of individual educators to swim? It seems that too many, I have met them too, educators lack the drive to do things for themselves. We all went to college where we had to study on our own, write papers on our own, take tests on our own. I fail to understand the mindset.
Dave Truss

open thinking » Visualizing Open/Networked Teaching - 0 views

    Open teaching is described as the facilitation of learning experiences that are open, transparent, collaborative, and social. Open teachers are advocates of a free and open knowledge society, and support their students in the critical consumption, production, connection, and synthesis of knowledge through the shared development of learning networks.
Dave Truss

It's Not About the Technology :: I was thinking… - Learning to be me. - 0 views

    computers can support learners, open doors to a world of possibilities and learning opportunities and global thinking. They can provide a chance for every child to learn their own way and construct their own knowledge. They can facilitate conversations with other people and other children around the world. They can knock down the isolation of a classroom's four walls and invite in the voices, experience and passion of the entire planet.
    Great post!
Eloise Pasteur

Using visuals to discover deep metaphors » VisualsSpeak blog - 0 views

  • is the description how often we are lead astray in our thinking by focusing on surface differences rather than searching for the significant similarities expressed in deep metaphors. Three Levels of Metaphors The Zaltmans describe three levels of metaphors, and use this example: Surface Metaphors Money runs through his fingers I am drowning in debt Don’t pour your money down the drain The bank froze his assets Metaphor Theme Money is like liquid Deep Metaphor Resource
    Overview of deep metaphors and using visualisation to help clarify them
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